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I was traveling on the tram to the work in the morning, when I checked the time on my Dual Crown and suddenly it was like I were hallucinating or something, but for a brief second it seemed that the second hand has stopped. Then I looked at my watch again and indeed the second hand was sitting at 37 seconds. I immediately have checked if the crown was pulled out our not, but it wasn't so I kinda paniced. I work in problem solving, so I started to think what could have happened:

1. No damage, no dropping.
2. Power reserve couldn't had run out since it was left only for the night 7-8 hours.
3. I remembered when I have last checked the time, it was in the evening around 22:50, when I put it on the table.
3. The time on the watch was 9:03:37 and the current time was 9:25, so the watch must have stopped recently.
4. I wound the watch a little with the crown, to see if the mainspring broke, but it didn't.
5. I have moved the hands around to see if they move freely, they were.
6. Now I don't know if this is the normal behaviour, but the crown can be pulled out in 2 steps. (My guess in the first positin the date can be adjusted.) So I have pulled out to adjust the date and moved the crown a little, then I pulled out completely and started to meve the hands again.
7. When I pushed the crown back, the second hand started to move again.

Kind of a big stone was lifted from my chest.......

Did something similar happen to you with your new aquisition?


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I've had this experience with several new Chinese watches, but not the DC. All but one showed this behavior once or twice to never return again. I've always assumed it had something to do with oil that needed to be distributed evenly, or some small piece of debris that got in during assembly, but don't know if that's really the case.

I hope it was a single occurrence, if not, Thomas will fix it for you.


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