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How many watches do you usually take with you on vacation?

  • 1 watch

    Votes: 40 37.0%
  • 1 watch with multiple straps

    Votes: 5 4.6%
  • 2+ watches

    Votes: 62 57.4%
  • My boss is a jerk so I never get time off to go on vacation

    Votes: 1 0.9%

How many watches do you bring on vacation?

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I'm going on vacation next week with my family so thought it would be fun to see how many watches my fellow Affordableites usually bring with them on a trip. I'm sure it depends, but let's just say in general how many do you pack with you for a holiday?

It's just going to be 1 for me this time but with a couple of straps.
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I recently visited Boston for 4 days and only brought one watch. And came back with 2.
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3-4 depending on the trip. Always A Monster or two, almost always my Hager Commando, and then one of my "fancier" or more expensive watches.

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Holiday? What's that?
(usually just one watch when I travel...)
I would have selected the final poll choice, except I'm self-employed. :-x
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just one. i like to travel as lightly as possible
Well when I went to California in the summer, the Invicta and my Point Zero came with me. Now if I go on vacation, I'll probably bring 3. My Alpha GMT, Invicta and a beater.
Two or three. I actually picked up some Oakley watch cases for travel purposes. I don't own anything valuable enough to be worth stealing, so that makes a difference.

If I owned high end watches (I know we are in the same price range Nick), I would only take one.
My last holiday I took just one and wore it all the time. Usually 3 or 4 though - 1 for swimming, 1 for general wear, 1 for dinners out.
I usually take about two different watches....
Usually 4, that leaves an empty space in the pack in case I 'find' an extra on my trip.
Usually just 3

1) a daily beater for tourist mode - Gshock king
2) diving watch - Ploprof
3) dress watch for dinner - JLC ultrathin
I don't really go on vacations but my job involves traveling a lot. I usually bring 4 and a mess of straps (I'm on the road for 2-4 weeks at a time). I use what I think is a toiletry bag that I bought at a Fossil outlet. It has two major compartments. One has little pockets and loops that I put the watches in, and the other has two zippered compartments I put all my straps in. There's an outside zippered pocket that I put my strap tool and a little eyeglass/jewelry repair kit in.

There's also room for one more watch, just in case.
Usually 2-4, although if I am headed out on a tour where my valuables will not be tucked safely away in the hotel safe all the time I will take only one. Thats usually my SKX007, though the BM6400 is another good choice.
Just one.

Sometimes I stick it on a Nato and take some different Natos in my bag to change "the look" as needed.
Generally two: an everyday watch to handle most tasks and a dressier watch in case of a more formal event.
One watch, I'm on vacation after all. Usually a sportier one for the day trips/trekking.
For my trip to Big Bend a couple weeks ago I took my Debaufre Ocean 1, a Timex Weekender I bought for the trip, and of course my G-Shock just in case.
When I go on vacation, I fly. I prefer one watch because it's easier to keep track of when moving through the airports which are filled with thieves who hang out there, as well as the ones who work there. And, I never take one of my more expensive watches.

Also, with one watch, I can keep it on my wrist the entire time I step out of my hotel room. Everything of value gets put in my pockets. Never leave anything of value in your room. All of the maids have access to every room, including your's. And sometimes that little "Do not disturb" sign doesn't keep them from coming in. Yes, some are very hard-working; and you should leave a nice tip for them before heading to the main desk to check out. But others are thieves. Leave something lying out on a table, counter, or nightstand; and you should only be surprised if it's still there when you come back.

Vacation is supposed to be the most relaxing time of your Life. You've worked hard, most likely for not enough money, you should be able to relax. One watch that stays on your wrist is just a no-brainer.
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On long vacations of 1 week or more, I usually bring two: a beater and something more high end. I can't help to be "matchy-matchy" and I make sure the watches compliments the clothes I've packed (or neutral enough to match any clothes).

When I visited my sister in Boston this year, I brought a G-Shock, a Poljot and a Tudor Heritage Chrono. My non-WIS sister said "your G-Shock is nice" so I gave it to her in a heart beat. :)
Thanks for the replies all!

I just got back from my first vacation since I got into watches and I brought just one - my SARB059 on the bracelet. It worked casual hanging out on the patio having a drink, in the pool and out to nice dinners. I was surprised how often I used the bezel to time stuff too - time left on meals, how long my son's naps were and more.

I guess I'm a one watch for vacation kind of guy. :)
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