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How to insert pictures

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Re: Serious Question: How to enter yout PHOTOS as more than a Thumbnail ????

When you click on the Image icon (which kind of looks like a stretched window) you now get a screen with two options:

The first one is add an image from your computer, and you just browse to the file and load it. What you get it this---
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It is an inserted 'thumbnail' pic that has been resized down. If you click on this thumbnail, you will get a lager pic displayed in a window. But I believe there is a maximum window size so photos larger than that are resized down to fit in the window.

The image icon also allows download from a URL... like this:

This is a photo stored on photobucket. I REMOVED THE CHECKMARK FROM 'Retrieve the romote file and reference locally'. This just inserts the photo inline like it always used to be. I do not believe this is resized by WUS.

But if the file is removed from the remote photo server, it also disappears from the post into which it had been inserted. To prevent this from happening, you can tick the checkbox and it will be 'attached' to the post instead of referenced via URL -- like this:

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This also produces a thumbnail which can be clicked to produce a pop up window. In this window is the image again resized to fit the image.

The only way to post full pics is the middle method (from a URL with no local reference) as in this:

I might point out this 'feature' of the new version of the forum software is being actively discussed in the Mod forum. So improvements are possible.

I hope that helps.


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Re: As a (relative) oldtimer and a qualified industrial designer..

Here is my pictorial tutorial

step 1:
upload your pictures to a image hosting server like photobucket, Flickr,etc. You can also use your Hotmail and Picasa from Google accounts to upload photos. I use my Hotmail account to upload photos.

step 2: move the blinking cursor to where you want the image and click on the insert image button. An add image box pops up and click on the from URL tab and uncheck the Retrieve remote file and reference locally checkbox.

step 3:
Keep what you did in step 2 up and either open up another tab or window in you browser and go to where your image was uploaded in step 1.copy the URL of the image that you uploaded. In Mozilla Firefox browser you can right click on the image and choose Copy Image Location. In Internet Explorer you have to copy the URL from the URL box at the top of the browser by highlighting the url (usually clicking once on the url will highlight it all) an right-click and copy.

step 4:
Go back to the the tab or window in you browser from step 2 and paste the URL in the text box that says URL by right-clicking in the box and selecting paste.

Rinse and repeat. I upload my pictures all at once in step 1 and just repeat steps 2 through 4 as needed. This instructional pictorial tutorial makes it look seem more complicated than it really is.

ramdom big pic
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Re: Serious Question: How to enter yout PHOTOS as more than a Thumbnail ????

These posts have been copied from this thread which has other useful tips in it.;-)

The maximum file sizes for uploading are:

Text Font Number Line Screenshot
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