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Hi Gaijin,

Thanks for the detailed reply above - definitely find it useful and thinking how I can place my watch so can get average of 0 gain a week (thinking 2 - 3 days out of the winder per week. just need to space it around the power reserve).

A few things I want to understand more:

1.Beat Amplitude - you mentioned this measures the swing of the movement and is a sign of wear/tear/friction - can you let me know what is the range of 'good' 'concerning' and 'bad' etc
2. You mention the measurements were at a lift angle of 52 degs. - what is a lift angle?
3. (not related to my watch) Are all the measurements above applicable to any mechanical watch? So in theory if I could put a non-rolex mechanical in the machine I should get some interesting comparative measurements?

Thanks for all your insights in advance. Definitely very interesting stuff.
Rest it at crown up at night to try reduce the error rate.

1. The beat amplitude is good. Usually 250-300 for a good watch. Only if it's very low then the hairspring is weak.

2. Lift angle is the angle of the balance wheel.

3. Yes other watches can be put on the timegrapher too.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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