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Yes, I bought any Dw-8800 & never replace the old battery...Never see this watch...& this watch is marvellous.All functions & Morse code can write a message and the watch convert this text to morse:

1) with sound
2) with light(el)

The module 1443 its GREAT!.For militaty use.You have others marvellous features for example...Contac codes,Mision codes,Vital/ID etc...

I decided modify this model.First the LCD change to black display.This watch(no modify) is low temperatures resist...but no problem...
Now this model have a Hydro tecnology...Hight/Low temperatures resist.-40C to 70C(celsius).

Water resist 200m(no modify)Now....You dive with this watch with helium or not...1000m 10000m I´m not sure...

See the photos.Please your opinion I like.
(sorry my Spaininglish).:-X

Materials used:

*The watch of Madaman...
*Film LCD
*Strap of DW-5600E
*Silicone Oil

Dedicated to ResinBandit(the passion of G man).


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