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How would you finish this collection?

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Watch Black Rectangle Silver Jewellery

also In my collection but not with me currently:
Watch Hand Gesture Finger Musical instrument

which two pieces would you add to the box? I want to cover most of the bases.
no more omegas, Breguets or cartiers.
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Finish? There is no finishing.
Arnold and son nebula
Jorg schauer chronograph
Ulysse nardin marine tourbillon
Ochs und junior (doesn’t matter just pick one)
Dewitt Acedemia Slide or mathematical if you really want the watch to end all watches.
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that’s option one. Stick with what I have and be happy with it.
The second option is to be open to another watch when the time comes. just want help increasing my exposure. I’ve been a bit stuck on the same 3-4 watch brands.
I guess it all comes down to what is the function of this watch, besides telling time of course. If you are wanting to impress, get a rolex. The general public doesn’t know any of these brands besides rolex. If it is something for more personal satisfaction or something, then the door is open. The rolex is so similar to what you already have.
If this was my collection, I would want a weekend watch (like Ochs und junior or S.U.F.) and a colorful talking piece (like the nebula or GO annual). What role does this fill?
1 - 2 of 126 Posts