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How would you finish this collection?

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Watch Black Rectangle Silver Jewellery

also In my collection but not with me currently:
Watch Hand Gesture Finger Musical instrument

which two pieces would you add to the box? I want to cover most of the bases.
no more omegas, Breguets or cartiers.
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To start with, I'll get rid of one of the Seamasters for a Rolex. The 3 (the Rolex, the Omega, and the Cartier) together will form the core, or basis, of the collection. Watches you can just wear the heck out of.

Then you'll need something that's not mid-level luxury, that Brequet is one of them, so 2/3 more, depending on whether you want 6/7 to finish off the collection.

Brands to consider - Girard Perregaux, VC, Glashutte Original, Lange...the list goes on.
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I’ve struggled heavily with that. Both Seamasters are sentimental, the black being the first luxury purchase.

I got the call for the no date sub and passed on it. Yep. I’m that guy. I really thought I wanted one but the amount of fake Rolexes and subs I see on a daily basis have made it hard to see myself with that specific watch. My AD did put me down for a GMT master. While still popular, it does have the GMT complication and would add to the pilot category. Plus, the jubilee will be one of a kind.

other than that, I agree, I kind of want another high horology piece. I’d love a black dial Lange but debating which case material
I wouldn't go with a Submariner myself neither, in fact when I had the chance to pick between a Milgauss, a GMT Master II BATMAN, an Explorer and a Polar, I chose the latter two. Subs and their lookalikes are everywhere as you say and I believe these to two still represent what Rolex always has been, a tool watch built to last.

Watch Analog watch Clock Finger Silver

Watch Hand Arm Analog watch Clock

As to what metal to choose for a Lange, I think steel for a sports watch obviously, and perhaps white gold to differentiate a little from the be Brequet?

Sentimental values are difficult to let go, until something better comes along...I sold my 1995 36mm Tudor Sub, my first "nice" watch, and a 79270 to fund this, haven't regretted it one bit and love every moment I put it on.

Watch Analog watch Clock Silver Watch accessory
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Now that this has been announced I think it's a viable candidate:
Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Amber

Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Font

Finally a Chopard Alpine Eagle with an LUC movement worthy of the Genève seal.
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1 - 3 of 126 Posts