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I bought a Voumard 2000 for $125US (turned to $140 AUD shipped). It was advertised for $150 but I put in an offer and it was accepted within ten minutes. Makes me wonder how low I could have gone?!

When I found out that the movement in the Voumard (which is very innovative in itself w/ caseback crown) could be aligned any which way within the case, I was hooked. I immediately searched eBay and found a few, one of which was a really good example. Seller's pictures below.

I've always wanted a dRiving watch. The only options I could find were 50mm pocket-watch-turned-watch, Vacheron's 1921, and BREED's awful, gaudy homage of the VC.


$_57 (1).JPG

$_57 (2).JPG

Looks good, right? I thought so too.

Here's how I'll have my dial orientated:

(A driving watch being one where 12 is at 1:30-2 - I don't know if that's what they're actually called but I'm not too fussed, it's the look I'm after).


Going to buy a rally strap for it and that'll be that. I'll post pictures once it arrives but that won't be for about a fortnight.

How did I do?


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The watch is fine, but not sure why you think it is a 'drivers' watch.?

'Drivers' watches were so termed because the case/lug design fitted the side of ones wrist and not on the top. When driving, the side of the wrist is what the eye sees first.

By turning your dial round to 1.30, you have an offset crown type of watch. Nothing more.

I will see if I can post pics of my drivers watch

Here are 'offset' crown watches. Nothing to do with drivers:

Here you go. A 'drivers' watch: Flexible lugs to fit side of wrist. Gotham is most famous maker.

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