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It has been a busy 6 months and i have not even had time to buy watches(on a plus side my account is fat:-!)

So to make up for it I have aquired 3 watches and 2 of them have arrived. I got a Seiko Hong Kong only model called an S-Wave. these are a funky retro 1970's shaped watches that are geared toward youth and are automatic. I bought 2 of them a yellow one(have not got it yet) and a red dialed one

Now on the G-Shock. I got from a fellow member of two of the forums i go to, a authentic Casio....... G-shock.............G2000 in black with red lettering!!!!! It is a heavy and sturdy piece and good looking in person. Now heres the kicker, I think I can trace the origins of this watch, from the factory in Malaysia to the UK where it sat for a bout 4-5 years in somebody's desk to the current owner on the east coast of the USA to further in the east coast of the USA (to me) so this watch has quite a bit of traveling under its belt:-D

Now my big question is this. I want a extra strap (and bezel if i could swing it) and I have located a new strap for it for a great price, I wonder is the G2000 strap the same as the G100 and G2300/2310 straps, they look the same to me BUT I only have a G2300 on the nylon strap so I cant hands on compare

Can anybody help me on this?


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Hi Leon,

Congratulations on the G-2000. I love to see pics of that one too. I wish I had one in my collection, but everytime one pops up, I just bought another G, or like this time, I get a FAT tax bill...

Does these pics help a bit? You might try swapping the adaptors. If they fit, a G-2300 might fit too (not sure, but maybe close enough with these pictures).



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