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Hi all,

I had bought this Sawtooth off of the TZ Sales Forum. Unfortunately I had forgotten that not all people out there were as easy to deal with. (Over 3,000 posts on TZ I figured he was a true WIS who would not do such a thing. Researched watchnet too late. This might be his MO. (I will post this experience on watchnet. I don't think he lurks here so I am not sure if I should post his username. PM me if interested) I do have to say it was listed at TZ 99%, only tried on and that it seems as such. It looks like new.

I had such good luck with the prior 7 watches I had bought. All recieved in seven days or less and one came from overseas. Almost a month of excuses and broken promises I opened the Paypal dispute, one more missed deadline and escalated to a claim. That got the sellers attention as he sent it next day.

I originally bought this as a nice beater. Toolish, wrist presence but easy to wear. During my wait I started dreaming of a Tuna and even posted a fustrated request for a picture comparison. (Yeah, I know do a search.)

Anyway it is here and I will hold on to it for the time as I think it's serves it's orginal intention. Good value for the price. Very comfortable. I have a Maratac silicone strap that I bought before the Sawtooth arrived that Hiro 1963 posted and will try that next. The Z20 is a bit long on me.

I will be looking for a Tuna and might keep this. Any opinions appreciated.

Quick pics. I need to find time to take more creative pics. These are only decent thanks to my wife's good camera.

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