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Hi -

Don't know about the first - it does look more like a Russian than anything else, doesn't it! - but the last two are ones that I have seen before, but I couldn't tell you where. Probably in the window of a shop I used to go by almost every day when I worked in Basel, sold antiques.

There is a huge number of orphaned watches out there from the heyday of the Swiss mechanical watch industry when it was still largely a family company business instead of the megacorp business it is today. Sometimes there are amazing calibres inside of such watches, such as AS or FHF vintage calibres that are really great quality calibres.

But it is good that you collect them for fun, since it allows you to get some great watches at a great price that will probably never appreciate in value, since they are orphaned (i.e. the company making them has completely disappeared).

Enjoy them! It's a reall piece of history you have there, even though the watches aren't "horologically significant" as my watchmaker says, since they are a better indicator of what a Swiss watch was to the vast majority of people than the highly sophisticated and overwraught wonders we see today...

Thanks for sharing!

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