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(I copy and pasted this from my original message in the Orient forum since here is where this post most likely belongs)

I know this is super suspicious because I'm a 1st time poster, but please hear me out!!!

Hello to whomever can help and/or voice an opinion, my name is Cesar. I ordered an Orient Voyager (ion black) on May 15th via DutyFreeIsland's eBay store. A beautiful watch; after owning it for several days I noticed something odd: the rotating slide rule could not function (rotate) if I had the watch face downwards or at a 90 degree angle. I own another Orient watch (World Time 2EM0H007) that has a rotating slide rule that functions regardless of its position, which I believe should be the case for any high quality watch. I sent the watch back to DutyFreeIslandShop due to the defective rotating slide rule. They told me:

"Dear Buyer,

Kindly note that we received the watch back.

Upon checking similar models with the same function (inner rotating slide rule) it seems that the slide rule does not rotate in a certain angle, when the watch is upside down or in a 90 degree angle.

After contacting Orient Service Center, we were informed that this is protection for the mechanism/movement to prevent any damage due to wrong handling and operation.

Please let us know if you would like for us to ship the item back to you.

Kind Regards,

-fair enough. I called and emailed Orient Watch USA several times... their lack of customer service is disappointing, especially since they produce such awesome time pieces. Searching through their website I came upon the contact information for Puri-Time, inc, which is "the Official US Distributor of Orient watches".
Customer Service | Orient Watch USA
I called their number and got in contact with one of their representatives, which informed me (Orient Voyager in his hand at the time of speaking with him) that the Voyager's rotating slide rule should function regardless of its position, telling me over the phone that he was able to do so with the watch in his hand, and that it's rotation would not damage the watch in any way due to wrong handling or operation. I called him later again so that he can email me a message and send me a video of this so that I may prove to DutyFreeIslandShop that they sent me a defective watch. I believe I was lied to by a staff member at DutyFreeIslandShop and I am building a case to prove that.
I have proof of both of my recordings with the man in question at Puri-Time, inc and will post them if needed. I will also post any other information that the Pur-Time representative gives me (and anything else that I can provide) to show that I'm not "some competitor" trying to smear DutyFreeeIslandShop. I am an eBay buyer and watch enthusiast that you don't want to wrong.

I am having trouble uploading the mp3 files that I mentioned earlier (I compressed them into ZIP and RAR with no results as well), but let me know if any of you are interested in hearing them and I will email them to you, especially to show prove that I am not making any of this up. During the recording I had with the representative from Puri-Time, inc. I stated that I was interested in purchasing so that I may get his attention and help, but soon I told him of my dilemma with DutyFreeIslandShop.

Re-reading the eBay message response form DFI, I beleive that since they state that all of their watches do that, that this must be normal for that watch model and are backed by the knowledge from an "Orient Customer Service" agent, therefore my only option is to receive the watch I sent them back. I don't want my watch back, I want my money back and will order my watch from a company that doesn't lie to its customers or believes that a high-quality watch would have such a defect (and to sell several that do).
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