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I have a similar movement that I spent hours investigating and yours really looks like mine in some way.

The following movement was manufactured by Otto Maire from Lengnau (Bern). There is no trace of it at Ranfft's page but there are some rare examples online (especially with the brand "Bonheur" on the dial)

Mine (It's not the same size as yours, I measured it at 11.5''' / Dm= 25.6mm. I maybe made a mistake as there is no 11.5''' in this list: - om balance staff (I found mine is OM 1440, but it's a small size)

A central second version (found online)

Here is my comparison of yours with mine (I quickly distorted your photo in Photoshop to get a circle)

They are obviously not the same movement but the style is strikingly similar. Your seems older and with a slightly smaller diameter. If anybody have a good literature I would like some insights. :)
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