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Identifying age of antique pocket watch

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I have bought new pocket watch and I'd like to ask for help with how old they are and if they are ladies' pocket watch or men's
Thank you in advance :)
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Size of movement would determine "Mens" or Ladies", movement diameter 8s (36mm) or under could be considered "ladies" in the year 1900. Watch is probably from around that era, maybe newer. I think those hands would be considered Louis XV style, movement is hunter style (meaning crown at 3oclock), stem wind and lever set. Very few 4-7? jewels on the movement, would not have been an expensive movement at the time. Looks like it's in OK shape but from the angle of the regulator it definitely would need a service if you want to use it as a timekeeper. Unless it's an heirloom, there's much nicer movements available out there to spend money on.
No markings or serial number on movement, hard to identify.
Mens, 1900 to 1915. Cylinder escapement, continental European market with those hands. I’d suggest Swiss.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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