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I have to blame this on forums like this that encourage endless hobbies. A little knowledge can be both a good and bad thing. Maybe a bad thing was collecting more watches than I would ever expect in several lifetimes.

I purchased a 25j DX 6106 M110 via an auction and while hoping for the best, also expected the worst. Visually, it is much nicer than the auction picture. I have been both excited and anxious in waiting for it to arrive, Watch accessory Watch Analog watch Metal Fashion accessory

I was bummed both in not quite understanding the date setting sequence but the pusher does quick set the date. Help with understanding the day wheel would be greatly appreciated. I was also bummed that the second hand was hanging and I first managed to make things worse in knocking the minute hand off while still in the case. As an adventure in further terror, I figured out how easy it is to pull the crown and stem out after depressing the button presented. All this is probably simple enough except I don't have the right tools to be playing around with it.

I seem to have got the minute hand back on and in time with the hour hand. Now free from the second hand and running fine, I found myself desperately wanting a third hand to pull the stem back out, once I am ready to put it back in the case. I think it is time for serious book reading and some real training.

I figure I am really doomed because now that I have had one apart without a hammer, I really am going to need real tools and some fixtures. Along the way to perdition, I have also gathered three 7005 watches I am enjoying immensely, as nice thin autos. A trio of 7002 happened by accident but two I have had a long time and before this new madness.

I am still confused about the day wheel and the week starting on Monday. I have looked at a few blog posts on these but I am still missing a real tech sheet/guide and would appreciate finding a manual from when they were sold and or a pdf of some sort. It is acting a bit like some struggles i encountered with a Brazilian made incabloc calender but I figured that one out in what seemed to forceful. I don't want to crunch anything in there.

Thanks for reading this poor sinner's story. It is running just fine now and I guess I should just stoofff it back together. Maybe better, pass it to a more responsible home. I have to stop the sudden urges when I see these things out there. The crystal and case should polish just fine while I watch it run awhile more.




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