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Improved straps on most Anonimo models
Anonimo stands not only for tradition and craftsmanship, but also innovation and quality. Since exclusive watches deserve equally exclusive treatment, the Italian watchmaker has redesigned the straps on most of its models, making some remarkable improvements.

Two in one
Changing your watch strap is almost like changing your personality. Nowadays, the watch has become a real fashion accessory and consumers really enjoy being able to give theirs a new look so easily. Anonimo therefore supplies most of its watch range with two straps, one in leather and the other in rubber, along with the tools needed to switch them easily.

To offer this facility, Anonimo has improved the fixing system for its straps. It has replaced the former slotted screw with a hexagonal socket screw, which is both more robust and more user-friendly. The watch, straps and tools are presented in a new luxury case which can always be used to store the second strap.

More watches with steel straps
A limited selection of Anonimo models (such as the Professionale Crono) were already fitted with a steel strap, but in 2010, all Anonimo models with a standard screw and pin attachment, and a spacing of 22 mm, will gradually be introduced with a steel strap.

Anonimo connoisseurs know that this stainless-steel strap is developed using the most exacting technological and design criteria. All the links are made from solid steel. The shape of the links is inspired by the brand's logo and they vary in size and finish. The attachment system is also made from solid material and relies entirely on screws.

Upgrade of the Dino Zei line
The exclusive Dino Zei line is also getting a makeover. Apart from an updated face, all models in this series (except for the San Marco) now feature a leather strap with a special butterfly clasp, the state of the art in high-technology flexible clasps for this range of sports watches. While this clasp is just as robust, it is nonetheless more in line with the style of the more elegant models in the Dino Zei range.

About Anonimo
Firenze Orologi distributes the watch brand Anonimo. This is the Italian fine watchmaking company that was founded in 1997 in Florence (Italy) by Federico Massacesi, former executive at the fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo. Although the company is still relatively young, it can boast years of experience in manufacturing hand-made top-quality watches.
Handcrafted watchcases are produced in an artisinal way in ateliers existing in Florence since 1939. By means of its luxurious mechanical timepieces, Anonimo continues the Florentine tradition of watch-making. Anonimo, which means ´anonymous´ in Italian, refers to Massacesi´s philosophy: the product (the watch) is the focus, not an overhyped brand name. Each year Anonimo makes a very limited number of mechanical watches, made by hand.

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