A G-SHOCK is by definition a robust, tank-like watch that can take a beating like no other. That said, the brand has always maintained a close connection to the world of streetwear and urban fashion, though they’ve done so in a way where one does not come at a compromise to the other. It’s precisely this peculiar balancing act that has led to the watch we see before us—the G-SHOCK Full Metal Rose Gold GMWB5000GD-4 that launched earlier this year. Before we even get to this wild G-SHOCK Full Metal Rose Gold that landed for review, let’s first take a moment to look at the line as a whole.
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First launched in both all-steel and ion plated yellow gold finishes in 2018, which happened to coincide with the 35 year anniversary of the brand, the Full Metal G-SHOCK surprised a LOT of people upon launch. After all, even the most fashion forward G-SHOCK model is meant to be able to take a beating unlike any other watch on the market, and when your case material changes from a more malleable resin to a solid block of steel, you can’t help but wonder how that equation changes. Fortunately, it was made clear from day one that G-SHOCK would not put its name on anything that did not go through the same rigorous testing practices that have been applied to any other model. Those initial models, as well as the Full Metal Rose Gold seen here are still extremely robust, water resistant to 200m, and loaded with the brand’s latest Bluetooth connected Tough Solar module with Multi Band 6 atomic timekeeping connectivity.
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The first thing you’ll notice getting one of these pieces in-hand is its significant mass, especially before resizing the bracelet. Measuring 26mm at the case and tapering down to 18mm (if i read my ruler correctly), there’s a lot of heft in this bracelet, and while this might turn off those more familiar with the ultralight standard of other G-SHOCK models, it will in turn appeal to those who prefer the feel of something a bit more substantial on the wrist. Prior to removing links, the piece weighs 167 grams or 5.9 oz—which is about 7 grams more than the recently discontinued Rolex Submariner 116610LN, for reference. Overall the bracelet has a nice feel to it, with the large end links providing a soft curve down over the wrist, and there being a modest amount of slack between the links to provide that comforting feel to the bracelet. For some this would be a criticism, but when dealing with an otherwise robust watch having this slight slack makes for a much more comfortable fit.
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Functionally speaking, we’re looking at fairly standard fare from G-SHOCK here. Home time, World time, Stopwatch, Alarm, and Timer are all a part of the offering, as is a bit of clever Bluetooth functionality for those who don’t like fussing with manual settings. And there is a multi-lingual day of week display. Now, this is not a case of G-SHOCK playing the “smartwatch” game, but rather them making use of smartphone tech to make the user experience of the watch more streamlined. Similarly to how Breitling used an app for time setting for the Exospace B55 that launched in 2016, G-SHOCK connects the Full Metal Rose Gold (and most of its other connected watches) to its proprietary G-SHOCK Connected app on your phone, and allows users to switch Home and World time with a few taps of the app. That’s not to say that doing this is incredibly difficult on the watch itself, but it’s still a nice “bonus feature”.
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That said, the app has one more trick up its sleeve that I believe a good number of folks will find a use for. Swiping right in the app reveals a function called “Time and Place”, which allows users to save their present GPS coordinates, as well as the date and time at which they were recorded. While I get that we all have Google or Apple Maps on our phones, and dropping a pin isn’t rocket science, but if you’re off in the woods and find a new trail or camp spot that you’d like to remember, or even if you’re in a new city and find a new piece of public art that you’d like to come back to, It’s pretty easy to see a number of applications for this feature.
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Priced at $600 USD, the G-SHOCK Full Metal Rose Gold GMWB5000GD-4 carries a heavier sticker price than their resin based variants of GWM models that use a similar movement/module, albeit constructed in full metal with a DLC coated screw-lock caseback, but at the same time, the more time I spent with the watch the more I found its price of entry easy to stomach. If rose gold isn’t your speed, the model is also available in yellow gold, black, burgundy, steel-on-rubber strap, and a unique laser-engraved stainless steel and titanium versions that drop from time to time as well.

Case size/weight: 49.3 x 43.2 x 13.0mm / 167g

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