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This watch just got a little bit better!

When this trench watch was brand new back in 1917 it DID have a cotton KHAKI strap, it now DOES have a cotton KHAKI strap once again.

Several years ago I took an interest in the antique fasteners on Khaki trench watches.

I've had this 20mm "D & C" nickel fastener tucked away in one of my bins for about 4 years now, just waiting to be used on a project one day.

But, 20mm was the problem, VERY few WWI American Trench Watches had a 20mm lug diameter.

Today I was hell bent on finding the CORRECT 20mm COTTON webbing strap.

COTTON webbing in this diameter is NOT easy to obtain!

But after 5 stops and about 135 miles in the car today I found some!

I found JUST enough to make one COTTON KHAKI strap from scratch.

The poly-cotton blend, polyester or nylon simply will not do for a trench watch of this caliber, it must be 100% cotton as straps were during the Great War!

Takes me about 45 minutes to hand sew one of these from scratch.

The antique Khaki strap hardware was made by "D & C" and it has a November 20, 1917 patent date stamp on it.

Another WWI 1917 Waltham Depollier "Khaki" Barrel Trench Watch has surfaced!

Adam from Vintage Character Watches also owns one of these Depollier Khaki Barrel Trench Watches and he shared some pics, his has a 1917 inscription on the case back.

Enjoy the pics with the new KHAKI strap!

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Does your watch look like this?
That's not a trench watch you have there. That is an Elgin Avigo. A 3/0 sized, 7 jewel wristwatch from around 1930. The case should be chrome. Dial and hands obviously lumed. Originally with radium.

Aviation was a hot topic at the time, the Avigo seems to be a marketing attempt to jump on the band wagon. It's not military, and was marketed to civilians. I used to have some advertisements around, if I find them I'll put them up here.

Pretty neat to see one that's not completely vandalized by someone who "restored" it.

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