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Info Audemars Freres Geneve

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Any information about this watch is welcome.It works fairly accurate, physically well enough, will pass through the hands of a watchmaker and will look better.An inscription below the medals is interesting. "CONFERE PAR SM L'EMP D'AUTRICHE".What time does this clock?
The crown might be gold?The dial is made of metal, and gold can be?With thanks,Mihai!
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Audemars Freres (Audemars Brothers) was a trademark of a Swiss company LIPPETZ J. Cie (Cie= Companie).
Not to mix with the famous Haute Orlogerie Audemars Piguet, these are rather generic, probably ebauche Swiss lever movements.
I estimate this watch from the early 20th century.

The crown is definitely not made of gold, possibly gold filled.
In general it makes no sense to produce a crown out of gold as gold is a soft material and the crown is a part engaged with manual friction over a long period and would worn out easily.
If made at all, that would be done with all gold contents watches and certainly it is not a custom made with gun metal cases.

The inscription or insignia you mentioned simply means it is 'favored' (Confirmed) by the Emperor/Empress of Austria. It does not explain to which extent;
It may well be that the Empress of Austria received a sample and liked it and sent them a thank you letter;
That teaches us above all that the watch was made before WW1 was over.
But those inscriptions are also found on many Danish cookies with reference to the Danish court and various British products with reference to HM the queen.
That does not set any quality standard of course and is used primarily for PR purposes.
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By the way you are missing both the whip micro regulator on the balance wheel as well as the back cover itself.
Thanks for the info!Of course that has nothing to do with Audemars Piguet, already had learned that,our friend "google" is helpful.Crown intrigue me because he tried to find out if someone is golden, intervention is seen in the picture.L'inscription question about the EMP D'AUTRICHE was referring to the production period.Austrian Empre is distinct from the Austro-Hungarian Empire,from what I know.However it is an interesting watch,that will look better after servicing specialty.All the best!
Thanks for the info I am trying to get some information on Audemars Freres wristwatch Serial 181964 if anyone could help would really appreciate it :)
Hello there, I hope everyone having a nice day. I have a very old hand watch that was owned by my great grand father and i have some photos of it. The manufacturer company is " audemars-freres-geneve " with a number in the back that i think it's belong to the type of the watch witch is 209123. I dont think it's working to be honest and i was asking how much it would get me to sell it.
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The Real Story of Audemars Freres

In 1885 the esteemed house of Louis-Benjamin Audemars of the Vallée de Joux went bankrupt after 74 years in operation. His relatives continued under several successor companies. Some attempted to match the quality of the ancienne maison and quickly failed for the same reasons of price and demand, while others dropped standards to pedestrian levels and lasted a little longer. Audemars Freres was one of the latter, founded by grandsons Hector, age 21, and Charles-Henri Audemars, age 18.

These movements are consistent with their late production, after stocks of old blanks from L-B Audemars had been used up. The company then relied on outside suppliers of 2nd quality movements, and even sold completed watches of average quality from other makers under their own name. Audemars Freres went bankrupt in 1909, according to Hartmut Zantke's authoritative reference Louis-Benjamin Audemars, His Life and Work.
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