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Hi guys,

My girlfriend just inherited a Kelek watch and asked me for help on it. From what I understand Kelek was acquired by Breitling at some point but it's devilishly hard to find any info or rough estimates on the Kelek watches themselves - they seem pretty rare? Anyway, I think the serial number is "100-02a", at least that's what it said on the back, as well as the number 34. Here are some pictures:

View attachment 982120 View attachment 982121 View attachment 982122

I searched around here first but didn't find any watches that looked like this one. We're gonna go to an auction house or something at some point to get it properly valued but wanted to see what info I can get from the net first.

I appreciate any help!

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Thanks for posting your questions to our forum.

I have a couple of links that may be of interest..

Kelek Watches

and I trust you can derive meaningful information from this French forum..

Forum Horloger, forum sur les montres • KELEK, un peu d'histoire

With regards to value... it was an expensive watch to purchase in the first place.
The date it was purchased, you have more information about that event then I.
It was probably worth a couple of weeks wages, at the time, for a salaried worker.
Its market value today, what the market will bear. If you don't offer it for sale its sentimental value is 100% of its worth.
No need to talk of scrap gold value as this watch in nowhere near that state of disrepair.

Are there any push pins embedded in the side of the case? They would be used to control and set the calendar.

It would help to have a sharper more clearly lit image of the movement showing the inscriptions visible in your last photo.

Lastly there is a current trading market in watches branded Kelek on ebay as this search illustrates... it may not show your
watch exactly but gives a pretty good indication of what strata they occupy in the market...

I hope the linked search works for you otherwise just type in 'kelek watch' into a world wide search in your ebay interface...

kelek watch | eBay
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