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Born from a collaboration between Japanese engineers and Italian designers the Ingegnere Meccanico (Mechanical Ingenieur) is a prototype conceived to provide a modernly designed time piece that was at the same time classic and practical. The marker and hands design make the time reading quick and easy, the Seiko legendary lumibrite surrounded by chrome frames of the hands and markers make time reading possible in the dark. The high quality stainless steel case looks ... :-s well, something mechanical... hence the name... at 43mm in diameter and with a slim profile the case is both modern and elegant. 22mm lugs are ready to accept multiple and different straps making the watch ready for the road as for the office... The automatic movement provides timekeeping with day and date complications... :-!

;-) Joking aside, it has been a while since I wanted to do this project. About one year ago I saw a photo of the base watch used for this project and really liked the case. Not that it is special but just it was different and since it was larger then usual Seiko watches, it was a good canditate for my 8" wrist. Since it is also thin it really hugs the wrist and makes it easy to wear under shirts etc. It took a while to decide what dial to use and hands, but when I mocked up in my mind the basic design I started the search for the parts. I got the hands first actually, these are from a Seiko FFF, original. A few months later I got the actual watch, I had to wait for the prices to go down a bit since it was quite expensive at the beginning, at least for me. And since it was not coming up for sale at all I had to buy it new. When I got it I did not like the original bracelet but since I had a Seiko FFF bracelet I used that instead, I did have to adjust the end links a bit but not much. Then 2 months later I finally was able to get in the dial, this is from a Seiko BFS or SNKF07.

After all these months I could not wait and put it all together the same day or I should say the same night. This is unique and does not compare to anything else really, the case giving a mechanical flair like it was coming out of an Officina... :)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy, here are the photos... sorry for any dust spec or lint...

Here are a couple of lume shots, lume is Seiko bright and long lasting. b-)

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