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Threadomancy, eh?

Well, people do need to be warned. I for one will be interested to see if your problems are solved.

It is really sad to see these names being tarnished so, I have an ingersoll pocket watch. Sure, its not so flash, but I'm sure the fellow who bought it in the 1920's thought much of it at the time (until perhaps his finances changed for the better ;) ).

At least the english watchmakers have been spared (as far as I know) this "zombification" (read as: failed resurrection -- like, imagine a phoenix's dismay when it finds out that it has spawned without any feathers this time round, or perhaps with a lame wing). If one cannot create something to a certain standard one should create a new name, and not use an old one!

I swear, if this ever happens to anything like JW Benson people will die, I haven't yet determined exactly how many, but no doubt a considerable number :-| (ask me again if the time ever comes to pass)
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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