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Hi, another newbie here. I'm looking into buying a new watch. I like the look of Ingersoll. Has anybody got any experience with one of those? I know they've got a Chinese movement.


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Hmmm, now a week later, it seems to be running 15 seconds fast. Grrr.
:-s 15 seconds per 24 hours? And you're not happy with that? That's actually a very good average result for a non-Chronometer mechanical watch.
Hey Chascomm, thanks for your post.

Yeah, I am happy that it works now. And I do now realise that 15 seconds per 24 hours is pretty darn good. I was just initially worried that it was 2 seconds at first, then 10, then 15. I was just worried it was going to keep getting worse and worse.

But the bottom line is, I love the way it looks and feels, and it tells time correctly now, so I am very happy indeed.

And by the way, I love your town. I spent a month there over New Year's 3 months ago.


:-s 15 seconds per 24 hours? And you're not happy with that? That's actually a very good average result for a non-Chronometer mechanical watch.
I have purchased a Ingersol Sitting Bull watch. I like the look of it. It has just one hand and a separate dial for the hour. 21 jewels... But is it a chunk of rubbish? I have to say its a bit big; 4 and a half CM.
Hi, Just a small note in regard to the Ingersoll watch question. The brand has definitely made a comeback from years ago. At one point in history it was very well regarded. But recently they have been very popular and of above average quality. And just recently as of 2013 they started using a new Japanese movement. I know they had some issues with the Chinese and since it's so soon into 2013 I'm sure there are still a lot of the 2012 models still with the Chinese movement but they have upgraded to the Japanese which I've heard is much more reliable. I purchased one about 6 months ago from Salma Jewelry. They have a website just for watches. Here is the link to their Ingersoll page if anyone is interested. Ingersoll Watches.

They seem like a reputable company and sell on Amazon so I gave them a shot. After finding them on Amazon I looked up their name and went to their site where I found the watch I wanted for $30 cheaper. I couldn't find any coupons online but at least I got a better deal than Amazon. I guess the Amazon fees are pretty high :) Oh and I bought the IN6900WH and so far no problems.

P.S. Almost forgot they also have Ingersoll Tourbillon models. Never seem these before from Ingersoll but a little out of my price range at a few grand. They look good though. But they are special order items or something so I'm assuming they don't stock them.
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Ingersoll has become just a name, to be honest. Originally it was American, then it became two companies - one American (with Timex), one British (with Smiths). The brand has changed hands a lot.

At the moment, it is nominally British, being owned by Zeon - but Zeon is a subsidiary of a Chinese company. Expect a reasonably well produced Chinese watch.
I've got an ingersoll in2700 also known as the ingersoll Gandhi and I've had it for years and it has caused me no problems
I find there is a natural suspicion of quality when a historic watch brand name is rebooted. I only have one Ingersoll, from my time before WUS. But it has always run very well (+10-20 seconds/day) and mine has a nicely decorated movement. MSRP is not what I would pay any longer, but at a discount could be a good affordable buy.

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So, anyone lately bought any of these watches? I have to admit, their designs look, from an aesthetic perspective, just beautiful!. I'm debating picking up one of these, or the Bison no.18
I bought Lawrence 1 week a go. I am still searching the internet for this movement, but I think it is Japanese, Seiko probably. It arrived with +30 seconds per day, now after I regulated it, it runs +0.6 seconds per day. It looks great, feels good, strap is not real leather, but still very good watch for the price.
In February I bought a Mana IN1413BKWH for my girlfriend. It's a beautiful watch with a kind of skelleton look.
I haven't measured the deviation but it seems to be not that much off.
But there's one thing puzzeling me lately - Often in the morning the watch has stopped running and it always stopped at 23:30. I suspect the date change to stop the watch, when the spring is not wound up enough. Any thoughts on this?
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