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Inspired by a Classic 1960?s Design and Powered by an Innovative New Eterna Spherodrive Movement

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Inspired by a Classic 1960's Design and Powered by an Innovative New Eterna Spherodrive Movement

Eterna has been making superlative timepieces for over 150 years from their home at the base of the Swiss Jura Alps. When other manufacturers abandoned the mechanical watch in favor of less expensive quartz designs, Eterna continued to produce its own movements in-house, introducing a waiting world to some of the most innovative advancements in watchmaking.

Now, Eterna has done it again, with the introduction of the spectacular new Eterna Adventic at Baselworld 2012. This groundbreaking timepiece is the first to incorporate an all-new, proprietary 26-jewel Eterna Calibre 3843 movement. Built around the revolutionary Eterna Spherodrive mechanism, the Calibre 3843 is the first automatic mechanicalmovement in the world to take advantage of the Spherodrive's almost frictionless zirconium oxide ball bearing technology. The successful marriage of the Spherodrive mainspring barrel with an automatic winding mechanism has allowed Eterna to create one of the most accurate and reliable automatic timepieces ever produced.

The Eterna Adventic is not only one of the world's most technologically advanced timepieces, it's also one of the most beautiful. Eterna craftsmen took their inspiration from the classic Eterna Centenaire watches from the 1960's and refined the design to suit contemporary tastes. The result is a quiet elegance that showcases Eterna's ongoing mastery of the watchmaker's art.

This spectacular 44mm timepiece is available in three models: stainless steel with a black dial, stainless steel with a white dial, or a special 4N rose gold edition limited to just 50 pieces. An inspired dial features a small running-seconds subdial between 9 and 10 o'clock, along with a date window and 24-hour GMT display at 6 o'clock. The watch is equipped with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal and fitted with your choice of a black or brown alligator strap and a practical deployment clasp.
Eterna Mens 7660.69.67.1274 Adventic Spherodrive
Automatic Limited Edition Rose Gold White Dial Watch
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Eterna is one of a small handful of manufacturers who still take pride in advancing the traditional craft of watchmaking. Now part of the China Haidian Group, Eterna continues to craft exceptional watches of lasting value and mechanical perfection. If you are interested in acquiring something that is as innovative as it is beautiful, contact your authorized Eterna dealer immediately and reserve the spectacular new Eterna Adventic today.

Eterna Mens 7660.41.46.1273 Adventic
Spherodrive Automatic Black Dial Watch
Eterna Mens 7660.41.66.1273 Adventic
Spherodrive Automatic White Dial Watch
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Eterna Watches Distributed Exclusively by Gevril Group in the US​
Source: Baselworld News | Baselworld 2012 | Gevril Group
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Re: Inspired by a Classic 1960's Design and Powered by an Innovative New Eterna Spherodrive Movement

cool, and I like the designs, but I'm not at all clear why the mainspring barrel modifications will increase accuracy. Anyone care to enlighten me?
Re: Inspired by a Classic 1960's Design and Powered by an Innovative New Eterna Spherodrive Movement

The spherodrive winding barrel is suspended in low friction ball bearings rather than the usual bushings. That is an interesting enhancement from the company that provided ball bearing supported rotor. Arguably in the late 1940's it was the last significant enhancement to the rotor wound watch. The lower friction bearings are supposed to deliver greater accuracy (no details) and a longer power reserve of 56 hours. Because the barrel turns so slowly I would like more information on how accuracy is improved by using ball bearings. My gut reaction is that not much improvement could be gotten that way. Seiko got a 50 hour power reserve in the 6R15 by switching to a non-metal mainspring. I can see how lower friction bearings could allow the mainspring to unwind for longer but that would be using lower torque and accuracy could suffer. I wonder if Eterna used either longer mainspring or one made of a composite.
I also find it a bit mysterious. However, if there really is reduced friction, even assuming everything else remains unchanged, there would be a small amount of power not wasted on its way into the escapement. I don't think that would positively or negatively affect accuracy except, I suppose, that the mainspring would spend more time on average in its highly wound form, all things being equal.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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