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I thought the Digi&ABC forum lacks a sticky with some links to threads that offer good info or are otherwise interesting. I'll start this off with this excellent thread from member "Freddy2":

This thread is a little older but still interesting - posted by member "ecalzo":
many of the links no longer work but still a nice list.

Review of the new Germin "Fenix" by member "gaijin":

Smaug's review of the Casio Heart Rate Monitor watch CHR-200:

Review of the Timex T49900 by member "cal..45":

Review of the Casio PRG-240 by "Queen6":`s-477483.html

Delmarco's review of the PAG-240T (PRG-240) - thanks!

Great comparison between the Casio G-Shock GD-350, Timex T49851 Expedition and the XL-sized Timex T49950 Expedition by member "Pelican":

Great module swap between PRG-200 and PRG-250 done by pegase747:

In-depth review of the Garmin Tactix from a military point of view - author is TM2013:

If anyone has any suggestions - please PM me and I'll add it to the list.

cheers, Sedi :)
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