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Introducing a powerful collaboration
Anonimo was created out of a commitment and passion to preserve and continue a Florentine tradition and heritage of Military watch making. From our beginning, waterproof concepts have played a major role in our philosophy and the standards that our timepieces must achieve.

The Anonimo Millemetri achieved critical acclaim and instant recognition as a superior diving watch after its release in 1998, positioning Anonimo as an important watch producer. Industry recognition provided the opportunity to develop a close relationship with one of the most important deep-sea diving industrial companies in the world, C.N.S. Cooperativa ****onale Sommozzatori.

Our partnership has provided Anonimo with opportunities to test our diving watches in deep underwater operations on the wrists of C.N.S. professionals, including the submersion of an Anonimo Millemetri to a depth of 2100 meters, on a radio controlled submarine by the famed Istituto ****onale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, off the coast of Augusta Sicily, October 2002. This 2100 meter submersion, in which an attached Millemetri continued to function perfectly, provided the opportunity to implement radical changes to create features of an enhanced diving watch never before available to professional divers.

The Anonimo PROFESSIONALE was created based on extensive research and input by C.N.S. professionals involved in extreme underwater conditions.

It features an extreme strength oversized watch case housing a special automatic movement, ergonomically finished with an advanced crown-locking waterproof system which alleviates torsion on the O'Rings, and is easily repaired in emergency conditions without special tools. It also features viewable dial for darkness and low light; and a state-of-the-art automatic helium expulsion valve critical for operation in deep-sea emersion.

The system exclusively operates with great dimension screws and bars that allow the watch to open or be released without the watch needing to be removed.

The PROFESSIONALE crown design provides for an easy hold, while compressing the internal mechanism with a lower torsion system for a secure closure while also providing a warning system in the case of an incomplete closure.

About Anonimo
Firenze Orologi distributes the watch brand Anonimo. This is the Italian fine watchmaking company that was founded in 1997 in Florence (Italy) by Federico Massacesi, former executive at the fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo. Although the company is still relatively young, it can boast years of experience in manufacturing hand-made top-quality watches. Handcrafted watchcases are produced in an artisinal way in ateliers existing in Florence since 1939. By means of its luxurious mechanical timepieces, Anonimo continues the Florentine tradition of watch-making. Anonimo, which means ´anonymous´ in Italian, refers to Massacesi´s philosophy: the product (the watch) is the focus, not an overhyped brand name.

Each year Anonimo makes a very limited number of mechanical watches, made by hand.

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