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Introducing MILENEAL Watches

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Hello Everyone,

I'm Wilson, founder of MILENEAL (miˈlenēəl) Watches, based out of Malaysia. Pretty sure most of you haven't heard of us so here's a brief introduction!

MILENEAL Watches launched less than two years ago on Kickstarter with the Classic Collection. On hindsight, yes! it's cliche indeed! But it was the one that got us started. The Classic Collection was a minimal looking watch but what we would like to think separates us from the other minimalist watches is our multi-layered dial with a raised dome lens. Thanks to about 250 backers, we were able to bring our brand to life.

After receiving multiple feedback and also working internally on a new collection, we launched our second campaign offering both quartz and automatic versions on our new collection - The Prestige. With the Prestige, our focus was still the same as our initial project which was to create affordable watches with quality specs. We realized the Classic was a bit off the track because of it being available in quartz only. The Prestige, on the contrary, was made available in automatic version as well (powered by a Miyota 9015). And fair enough, the Prestige Automatic was the one that was more popular among customers, mainly because of the specifications it has to offer.

These are the specs..
- Miyota 9015
- 316L Stainless Steel Case
- Sapphire Coated K1 With AR Treatment
- Top Grain Leather Straps
- 5 ATM Water Resistance

We received compliments mostly on our fume dial, the raised dome lens and the movement it uses... But with such small customer base, we believe there's more feedback we could gather and that's what we hope being present on WatchUSeek Forum would bring us.

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Having said that, as of now, we are now at a point where we are introducing the Prestige 2.0 version. A newer Prestige with some upgrades and improvements. Yes, of course we wish we could dough out more designs and wider offering of products but being a new small microbrand, I have to say that it's not easy at all working with a small team and budget. So for now, baby steps is all we are taking. We hope to introduce more products in the near future. But for now, let us hear you. We wanna know what you have to say!

P.S. Here are some photos of the latest Prestige Collection! Do check out our Instagram page for more photos!

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Hi Wilson,

Nice looking watches indeed, I especially like the silver fume dial - it has a very classic look. My only pet-peeve would be the length of the hands. There is not that much visual distinction in length and shape between the hour and minute hands. If you would lengthen the minute hand a couple of mm so it almost lines up with the furthest extent of the hour markers, that would make it much more legible at a glance. And of course you'll want to make sure your seconds hand is the same length or it'll look a bit silly.

Good luck with 2.0!
1 - 1 of 122 Posts
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