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As the Ho of horology I dont care about the name or size trends (so many weird watch names out there) I will buy it if I like the looks and its in my price point. My guess is most of the negative is from the mid to high end watch owners but that is not your market obviously. Good for you for taking the feedback. With soooo many watches to pick from in the world and every price point, as you know, listen to your target market and not the outliers. I am an outlier so dont listen to me either. I have never spent over $300 for a watch. The mid to high end collectors will not buy your watch either unless they need a nice "beater" for mowing the lawn! I really like the looks of your watches and they seem to be well made by the pic/materials you are using. Just put the name on the back and forget the dial and/or logo the dial. Easy fix. People are going to call it a SWC anyway until the name means something to watch buyers. As you know, there is no better feeling than creating something that someone buys from you! All the best to you and way cool you are doing this with family too! Thanks for posting!
1 - 1 of 95 Posts
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