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Yeah, that is definitely something we have heard before. If it's worth anything we do have a brief history on how "Swiss Watch Company" came to be on the "about" page of our website. We are looking at getting the name officially changed to SWC (similar to International Watch Company IWC) but legally changing a corporation name in Switzerland is pretty tough so it could take some time before we are able to get anything changed.
The name should stand for something, evoke the company's history, ethics, or principles. Even "roemer watch company" would be better for the brand (have Swiss watch company be the parent company, with "Roemer" as the name on the watch) as that sounds a bit like the english word "roam" and kinda ties in the military history. I'd change the logo too - try to pull in a Swiss cross military themes.

for me, the only reason to buy a mechanical watch is emotion, that's it, I don't need a watch. So the brand should evoke emotion or identity - if you'd been around since the 1800s maybe SWC would work, but at this point I'd say create a new military brand and make SWC a parent. SWC just doesn't create any emotion or conjure up any passions.

As for the watches, they're ok, although a bit generic - given the name, price, and design my first thought was "scam". As with the name, the design needs to pull from somewhere - right now it looks like it's copying Rolex & Omega. It's definitely better than some I've seen, but everything is missing passion. Sorry to be downer - I really support micros so just trying to telling you why I wouldn't be interested yet.
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