Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention. This certainly proved to be the case with the invention of the BlumSafe; a new affordable and highly adaptable watch and jewelry wall safe that has already won praise from watch collectors.

The BlumSafe was developed as a result of the unfortunate 'disappearance' of a cherished watch from founder Rob Blum's rosewood dresser-top watch winder. The watch, he believes, was purloined not by burglars, but most likely by someone he had invited into his home - a housekeeper.

While display winders are a great way to wind, view and quickly have access to automatic watches, risk comes with the convenience. It could be from those breaking into your home, but even more easily from those employed to work within it.

Statistics show more than one in ten homes in the US is the victim of property theft annually, and crucially, over 80% of those thefts are performed by people who were invited to, or employed in, the home.

To literally add injury to insult, Rob also hurt his back while bending down to get a watch from his floor safe. A new solution was needed, but after shopping for a watch safe, he realized he would need to pay anywhere between $5,000 to $50,000 or even more for a watch winder safe; money that would be better spent purchasing his next Omega, IWC, Sinn, Zenith, Seiko or vintage Vulcain.

Undeterred, Rob Blum developed his BlumSafe , a solution that is secure, accessible, modular and affordable. The BlumSafe costs between$1,549 to $1,999 for a 3-12 winder configuration.


BlumSafe is a sturdy, well-designed wall safe. The steel "box" of the BlumSafe provides good storage capacity yet is designed to fit in a variety of locations in a typical US home. Ideally, the safe is flush mounted at chest height in an interior wall or in cabinetry. The mounting height allows the owner to easily admire all watches on their winders. As a wall safe, it is also easily concealable behind a picture or mirror (see: Concealing Your Safe Behind a Canvas on BlumSafe's blog).

Easily hide the BlumSafe behind a picture on the wall.​

The safe door is 5mm thick steel and is laser-cut to minimize gaps. The large 20mm motorized locking bolts slide into anti-pry insertion slots, unlike in cheaper wall safes, and the body has continuous-welded seams. These features are intended to protect against threats your safe is most likely to confront, such as hammering, prying, and axing.

The BlumSafe's design philosophy is aimed at a deeper truth about property theft. Justice Department statistics support that the lion's share of thefts are fast, casual, opportunistic and ill-equipped (especially if conducted by someone you invited into your house, such as a housekeeper), and should not pose a threat to the BlumSafe. On the other hand, if you confront a truly professional burglar even he will quite possibly be able to crack or remove an inch-thick safe bolted to a concrete floor. This is why, for optimal security, you should always have a good insurance policy as your ultimate line of defense.


For winders, the BlumSafe takes a different approach. Instead of a built-in approach, BlumSafe incorporates modular cube-shaped stackable Boxy winders (think: Lego). This is a well-regarded design with a high quality belt drive Mabuchi motor that won't risk magnetizing your watches like some cheaper brands.

Modular watch winders that can be added as your collection grows.​

Each watch winder is individually programmable for 3 direction and speed settings. One winder per watch offers improved reliability, serviceability and the ability to add more winders to the BlumSafe easily as your collection grows.

BlumSafe winders can be used outside the safe as well as inside, with an optional power adapter.​


The BlumSafe is not just a safe for watches, but for all forms of valuables. The wooden drawer base for the winders has four velvet-lined compartments with removable watch cushions - great for non-mechanical watches or necklaces and other jewelry.

The BlumSafe also has two removable and adjustable velvet-lined shelves, deep enough for everything from jewelry boxes to guns.

The interior features a fold-down velvet-lined shelf on the inside of the safe door so a watch or watch winder cushion can be placed on it.


The BlumSafe can be instantly opened for viewing of all watches, while the lock can be opened in any one of three ways:

1. An advanced, gun safe 500 DPI optical fingerprint sensor, capable of storing 32 fingerprints
2. A 4-8-digit user programmable code, with a time-out lockout function
3. A backup high security, four ridge key (not the cheap, easily-picked tubular key), in case of battery loss for the locking mechanism. The lock also has an LCD display with various visual indicators and sound alerts.


The best security system is one with multiple layers of protection for the home; a dog, security cameras, strong locks and secure doors and windows, a home alarm system, and concealment of valuables.

As part of your security system, BlumSafe enables an affordable, easily monitorable, off-the-shelf security solution: the Samsung SmartThings multi-sensor, without having to contact your alarm company.

After easily configuring the $125 multi-sensor and hub on your smartphone, you can be alerted to BlumSafe door openings, vibration, temperature, battery life and internet connectivity. This cool option can be used as an add-on at any time.

The market seems to have been impressed with the flexibility, quality and value-proposition offered by the BlumSafe. And Rob Blum put his name on this product, expressing a level of confidence in his product that is admirable and seemingly well-deserved.

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