NOVE, a boutique watchmaker of Swiss made watches, has unveiled its latest timepiece – the dual-faced Gemini.

The NOVE Gemini features a patented case rotating mechanism which allows the user to make use of not one, but two dials. That means two movements and two time zones, cleverly integrated into one watch case.

NOVE, meaning new and representing innovative and extraordinary design, is no stranger to unique, stand-out timepieces. You may be familiar with Trident, the ultra-slim dive watch, or Craftsman, which features the world’s first screw down crown case back.
NOVE’s latest release, Gemini, is symbolized by the celestial twins of the zodiac. Gemini’s fully interchangeable watch face is inspired by some of the reversible watches of the 20th century. This timepiece is another example of NOVE’s ability to push old traditions forward into the contemporary realm, whilst paying homage to the dual face watch designs of the past.

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The new Swiss-made Gemini timepiece is designed to switch effortlessly between its two faces, two movements and two time zones. The double-faced case is activated by a patented lever operated case mechanism. How does it work? The impressive gear-driven housing ring allows the inner case to rotate 180 degrees, before locking back into base. By simply lifting the streamlined lever, the core mechanism rises up to a 90-degree angle, allowing the inner case to rotate 180 degrees, spinning the watch face over. You then lower the mechanism by pulling the lever back, effectively returning the components back into their places. The alternate dial is then locked into place, face up.

The entire patented system, designed and developed in-house, is the only one of its kind and a mechanical feat for NOVE’s designers and engineers.

Just like identical twins who are genetically matched, but have different finger-prints, Gemini too has one design, but two distinct moods. One watch face is presented with an elegant matte black dial, whilst the other displays a sporty red dial, with sunray satin polishing producing a metallic star fire effect. You have elegance and sophistication on one side and playful fun on the other, combined in one watch.

Within, the dual-faced watch case carries two slim-tech Swiss-made movements, dials and hands (coated with Super-LumiNova).

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The respective movements are Swiss Ronda Slimtec 1062 Quartz and Swiss Ronda Slimtec 1064 Quartz. They hold up to six years battery life. Both dials are protected by scratch resistant sapphire crystal. The 316L stainless steel case measures 49.2mm on the wrist and 13.3mm thick. The bezel and bracelet are also 316L stainless steel, with the bracelet featuring a butterfly buckle deployment clasp.

Each watch is made by expert craftsmen, with over 180 individual parts and components that are carefully polished and assembled by hand in Switzerland.

The Swiss-made Gemini timepiece is a limited edition, with only 500 pieces produced and retails at $880 USD.

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The pieces are numbered and you’ll have the opportunity to select your favorite number (based on availability). Gemini comes with quality control assurance, a 3-year warranty and worldwide free shipping.

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What’s more, NOVE offers a free engraving service on its website, giving you the opportunity to personalize your watch, or add a personal note if purchasing the Gemini timepiece as a gift.

For more information on NOVE’s fun and versatile Gemini timepiece, visit today.

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