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Invicta's Flame Fusion Crystal & the Water Drop Test

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I just tried the water drop test on sapphire, mineral, and Invicta's Flame Fusion crystals. When a drop of water hits mineral glass it flattens out and is shallow; when it hits sapphire glass it has more height/depth and therefore a smaller footprint. Flame fusion behaves like mineral glass with the water drop, flattening out exactly the same. The difference between mineral glass and sapphire is quite noticeable with this water drop test.

Is this definitive that flame fusion is no different from regular mineral glass? No, only that it reacts the same way to a water drop. Important to note that Invicta never claims it's a sapphire coating. If it were actually a sapphire coating wouldn't Invicta call it that rather than flame fusion, which sounds like nuclear alchemy? What we need is a scratch test and I have a hunch Invicta is counting on that not being done, but if I have a choice between flame fusion and mineral glass I would take flame fusion because at best it's better than mineral and at worst it's just mineral, but I wouldn't pay more than $5 extra for it :-!.
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Why would anyone think they would tell the truth about anything?
Law of Averages or more specifically Law of Large Numbers.
Is that similar to the Blind Squirrel theory? :-d;-)
<snip> Personally I would rather wear the lowest end Seiko over the highest end Invicta...but that's just me!
Me too, so you're not the only one. And I'm not even a big Seiko fan.
Wow this thread is still going? :-d

I'm going feel comfortable assuming that "Flame Fusion" holds as much credibility as most everything else they claim. :roll:
1 - 4 of 57 Posts
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