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Ironman night mode / light-up running watch- need recommendation

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Hey all,

I was going to post this in the existing Ironman appreciation thread, but it's not limited to that brand & model. Here's my need for this feature - I run and do some speed training. During the day, I leave the stopwatch mode on, sprint for 2 minutes, walk for 1 minute, 90 seconds / 30 seconds, etc. I can keep looking at the digital chronograph because I can see the whole watch face in the daylight. Right now, doing this at night is almost impossible for me because even the light on my watch doesn't work. I could buy a new Ironman with indiglo, but then I would have to use one hand to turn the light on, while also keeping my feet moving and looking at the watch for the time. As long as I'm getting a new-ish watch, I'd rather have the option to keep the chronograph displayed and lit, at least for several minutes at a time. I don't want to have to reach my right hand over to my left wrist to hit a button; I'd like it to just stay on for the duration of my workout.

I have an ancient Timex Ironman LCD watch with a push-button light that doesn't really light up anything. I was looking at the new models, which mostly have some kind of indiglo, which is much better. However, outside of "night mode" where any button (not just the indiglo button) will light up the watch, I don't see an option for turning the light "on" to leave it lit for several minutes at a time.

Any thoughts / recommendations? Ideal would be a cheap digital watch with a setting to keep the face illuminated for some time. I do not want a smart watch for this purpose, and an analog watch with charged-up lume is not what I'd prefer to use. Style etc. do not matter.


My old Ironman, still ticking but not illuminating much:

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I have the Ironman Shock 30 lap and that has nightmode where it leaves the indiglo on the entire time. I think most modern Ironmans do, not all but most. This is a nice sleek one for jogging and has night mode

$40 on Amazon
You're welcome,. It's pretty easy you just hold the indiglo button until it beeps. I use it all the time. The displays of the modern Ironmans are second to none as well.
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Oh to be clear it doesn't stay on per ssei it just turns on whenever you hit a button so you don't have to hit Indiglo to see it so for example if you want to hit your splits or or stop wtc or your time down beeps itll be glowing.

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I found this for Ironman smartwatch fitness tracker for $35 on Amazon. It seems similar to a fitbit in terms of style and function.

If you are looking for more of a traditional sized watch. I did see a Garmin workout watch for $99
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