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Is Bulova a good brand?

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After reading that thread about the love and hate people have on Invicta, I wondered why there's not a lot of talk here about Bulova watches. What's your opinion on these watches? I mean the low end kind like the Marine Star series.
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I have 4 or 5 Bulova's including 3 marine stars. The 98c62 is my go to watch as it is extremely comfortable and not extremely thick (wearing as I write this). Plus, I get a lot of compliments on it and has worked flawlessly for 5 years or so. People think it's an Omegaish watch or something. -Should be able to get it for well under $200 on ebay, etc. No scratches on the bezel at all after 5 years!! I also have it's brother the 98c61 with the rubber strap (for about 4 years) and wear it on the weekends. Looks cool, & more rugged but is hard to find now. Again, no problems. My last one is a chrono with diamond markers. The detail on this last watch is outstanding, is not too flashy, and goes well with bus attire. I've changed the batteries in these watches several times and they keep going. Some people seem to have problems with them when they buy them from sub-par sellers. I own watches with glitzer brand names/ more expensive but I seem to always come back to the mariners. -Not too much talk about Bulova's on these boards and I wonder why sometimes.
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