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Is Bulova a good brand?

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After reading that thread about the love and hate people have on Invicta, I wondered why there's not a lot of talk here about Bulova watches. What's your opinion on these watches? I mean the low end kind like the Marine Star series.
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I have two Accutron's at the moment. A VX-200 Diver, and a 26B59 Chrono.

Both of these watches are an incredable value for the the price. I paid $250 for the VX-200 (Automatic ETA Movement) and $200 for the Chrono.

Both sapphire crystal, 200 WR, and built like a tank solid!

Anyways, the more watches I see from Accutron, the more I can't get over what a great watch you are getting for the price.

I went to a local Mall and they had the 26B59 Chrono on sale for 30% off and it was still over $700can, I think retail was something like $1,100. (Not that retail prices mean too much, but still!)

I find it hard to beat the quality, look, feel, and reputation of the higher end Accutrons!

Thank Z-FREAK for these awesome pictures!
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1 - 1 of 60 Posts
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