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Is Bulova a good brand?

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After reading that thread about the love and hate people have on Invicta, I wondered why there's not a lot of talk here about Bulova watches. What's your opinion on these watches? I mean the low end kind like the Marine Star series.
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the wife and i both have Bulovas. i have their dress Pan-homage which gets rotated in for going out to dinner, etc.

hers is a small quartz womens two-tone diver, with what appears to be a MOP dial, that i simply cannot find a listing for now. i bought it for her about five years ago and it's had one battery change (this spring). i _try_very_hard_ to get her to pick a ladies upper end auto, but she feels the Bulova is perfect for her and that anything else would just sit around. i know, heretical, but she is ultra-practical that way.

my grandfather was a Bulova man. bought his first when he came off the farm and joined the Navy in WWII. wore them the rest of his life. wish i had access to his collection, but he gave them to my uncle who is out of touch.
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