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Is Bulova a good brand?

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After reading that thread about the love and hate people have on Invicta, I wondered why there's not a lot of talk here about Bulova watches. What's your opinion on these watches? I mean the low end kind like the Marine Star series.
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Dunno either...

In Vegas you pretty much can't buy a watch (Timex, Armitron, Patek, Panerai, Rolex, whatever) unless it is at the mall.
I think you guys are reading way too far into his comment, or just looking for something to hammer on. The point isn't that the mall sells bad watches, or that you could never get a fine watch at a shopping mall, he's using the term "mall watches" to indicate a stereotypical type of watch and type of buyer...those being mass-produced, nothing special, and fashion-oriented. No reason to take it so extremely literally.
It's hard to believe you've never been to a mall and seen a whole slew of underwhelming Seiko, Fossil, and many other brand's offerings littering the watch case. It's not really a "negative stereotype" when it basically describes 99% of the watch market. It's reality. Most people don't know or care about watches and the average selection at your average establishment caters to that. This is the point he was making and most people on this site who do know and care about watches have probably noticed the same.

When I think of a mall, the Bellagio casino shoppes don't really come to mind. Kind of an exceptional example of the concept. If that's the only sort of mall you shop at, I envy you.
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