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Bulova are very good watches indeed. My wife has a Bulova Caravelle quartz watch that so far has proven to be indestructible. She is beyond rough with her watches.

Bulova is an American watch company that was founded in New york City in 1875, not Swiss as some mistakenly believe it to be. The company is now owned wholly by Japan's Citizen Watch co since June 2008 (Purchase price was US$250 million). For about 30 years, Bulova was a subsidiary of Loews corporation.

For now, Citizen is treating Bulova as a completely independent division. However, given my love and admiration for Citizen watches, I am excited to see what exchange of technology, design, styles, etc will take place in the future.

I think Bulova is set to be become another watch making powerhouse under the direction and ownership of Citizen.

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Overview of Bulova from their company website:


The Bulova Story

The realization of a great American dream began in 1875 when Joseph Bulova, a 23-year-old immigrant from Bohemia, opened a small jewelry store on Maiden Lane in New York City. This modest enterprise was to evolve into one of today's preeminent watch and clock companies. In 1911, Bulova began manufacturing boudoir and desk clocks, along with fine pocket watches, which he made and sold in unprecedented numbers. During World War I, wristwatches were issued in the military for their greater convenience. Returning veterans brought home the new fashion--and a new market emerged. Bulova already had sufficient production facilities and a mastery of jewelry design, so his company introduced the first full line of men's jeweled wristwatches in 1919. It was followed by the industry's first full line of ladies' wristwatches and the first line of diamond wristwatches. America ran on Bulova time, beginning with radio's first commercials, broadcast nationally in 1926: "At the tone, it's 8 P.M., B-U-L-O-V-A Bulova watch time." Two years later, Bulova introduced the world's first clock radio.
In 1931, Bulova conducted the watch industry's first million-dollar advertising campaign. And through the Depression years, Bulova supported retailers by offering Bulova watches to buyers on time-payment plans. As the next decade began, Bulova aired the first TV commercial. A simple picture of a clock and a map of the United States, it preceded a Brooklyn Dodgers baseball game on July 1, 1941, and proclaimed, "America runs on Bulova time." By then, Ardé Bulova, Joseph Bulova's son, was also producing timepieces for the military. With the U.S. entry into World War II, the Bulova factories immediately put their perfected mass-production techniques and skilled craftsmen to work on precision military equipment. Bulova provided the U.S. government with military watches, specialized timepieces, aircraft instruments, critical torpedo mechanisms and fuses. At the war's end, the Joseph Bulova School of Watchmaking opened its doors to help disabled veterans become self-sufficient. At the opening of the school, Ardé Bulova made the following statement:
"For the purpose of aiding war veterans who are physically handicapped, the Bulova School of Watchmaking has been founded to teach the art and trade of watch, clock and instrument making and repairing, including the use of tools, machinery and equipment necessary in carrying on such a trade. Graduates of the school are expected to be placed in positions in jewelry stores throughout the country and thus be assisted in finding a place in life in a useful and happy occupation. This is but a small measure of the gratitude that can be shown to these men for their service to our country in this greatest of all wars."
The school was supported entirely by the Bulova Foundation. No financial aid of any kind was received from any government agency or the students. Equipment at the school included magic-eye doors, wide two-way elevator entrances and exits, special workbenches, non-slip cork floors and other features so that disabled men could move about at no physical disadvantage. Complete medical facilities and a well-equipped recreation room provided treatment and relaxation. Graduates of the school were assured employment since over 1,500 positions were pledged by American Jewelers.
A new era in timekeeping dawned in the 1950s. Through persistent and dedicated research, Bulova developed Accutron, the first electronic watch. Keeping time to within two seconds a day, it was the first breakthrough in timekeeping technology in over 300 years.
During the 1960s, NASA asked the company to channel its Accutron efforts into making computers for the Space Program. As a result, Bulova's Accutron timing mechanism became an integral and vital part of space technology from the 1958 launch of Vanguard I to the first moon walk on July 21, 1969. A Bulova timer was placed on the moon's Sea of Tranquility to control the transmissions of vital data through the years. When Accutron precision became available to customers, Bulova was the first watch brand to offer a written guarantee of accuracy-in-use to within a minute a month. Another significant Bulova breakthrough occurred in the 1960s with the introduction of the Phototimer clock. Today, all Bulova watches contain the finest quartz-crystal movements, accurate to within three minutes a year.
In recent decades, Bulova timepieces have kept official time aboard Air Force One, and Bulova products have repeatedly been awarded to visiting dignitaries as Presidential Gifts of State. Bulova has also served as America's official watch to the U.S. Olympic Team.
In recent years, Bulova has presented a number of design innovations. Whether the customer prefers a high profile diamond watch, an heirloom quality 14-karat gold watch, a sporty elegant Marine Star watch, a day/date calendar watch or a contemporary career-style watch, Bulova offers a style for every taste and occasion. Each one is reminiscent of Joseph Bulova's demand for unique quality and beauty.
Year after year, having satisfied customers for over a century, Bulova continues its tradition of growth and innovation. Today, Bulova remains a totally U.S.-operated company. As a result, Bulova now offers the widest range of styles in its long history. With over a century of technological leadership and service, Bulova is among America's most recognized names.
Bulova timepieces use only the finest materials, precision craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology for enduring quality and performance.
At the heart of each Bulova watch is precision accuracy. From the finest quartz movements to alternative technologies such as solar or mechanical energy, each Bulova watch is guaranteed to be accurate to within one minute a year.
Every Bulova is anti-magnetic, shock-resistant, and features our unique distortion-free and scratch-resistant Dura-Crystal®.
Bulova uses only the finest materials for its bracelets and straps. Many of Bulova's bracelets are solid stainless steel. Some are plated with Bulova's unique 23-karat hard gold process, which is tempered to give an extra durable finish. Other bracelets are ion plated with a patented gold process for an ultra-resilient finish. The straps are made from the finest leathers to resist wear and maintain their elegant look.
Only Bulova offers the range of styling and the scope of products to meet everyone's needs:
The Marine Star Collection represents elegance in a sport look. With stainless steel bracelets, screw backs, ratchet bezels and water resistance up to 200 meters (660 feet), Marine Star watches provide enduring performance with superlative style.
Bulova diamond watches use only genuine faceted diamonds for lasting quality and ultimate brilliance. With both classic and contemporary styles to choose from, it is easy to see why Bulova leads the industry in diamond dial, diamond case and diamond bracelet watches.
Bulova 14 Karat gold watches are heirloom quality timepieces. All styles have Swiss movements and either European or American bracelets. These sophisticated watches offer breathtaking styling and outstanding value in 14-karat gold as well as 18-karat gold and stainless steel.
From classic and contemporary straps and bracelets, to specialty chronographs and advanced technologies, Bulova offers several hundred styles to choose from.
Caravelle is today's lifestyle brand, offering a wide range of styles to fit all the varied roles of today's busy consumer. Tailored career, classically traditional, stylish fashion and contemporary sport watches fill these needs with dependable quality and truly affordable prices.
Precision quartz movements that guarantee accuracy.
Superior plating using a 23-karat hard gold process that tempers the finish for added durability.
Genuine leather straps, or finely made bracelets, including stainless steel for maximum wear.
Genuine diamonds or fine Austrian crystal.
Caravelle offers several hundred timepieces to satisfy the multiple needs of today's consumers.
Career Segment
Sophisticated designs for everyday wear. Perfect for the office, school or wherever tailored styling makes the best statement.
Classic Segment
Timeless, traditional designs that provide enduring style.
Fashion Segment
Contemporary designs for a modern look, in line with today's fashions.
Sport Segment
Performance and elegance. Bracelets and straps, water resistance up to 100 meters (330 feet).
Designed in America and handcrafted in Switzerland, each Accutron combines exceptional styling with the most advanced timekeeping technology. In the world of luxury watches, Accutron stands alone by offering:
The finest Swiss quartz movements available.
Solid stainless steel construction.
Solid-link, stainless steel bracelets and top-quality leather straps, many with hidden deployment clasps to provide a seamless look on the wrist.
23-karat gold finishes applied with the most advanced plating technology.
Superior scratch-resistant sapphire crystals.
Water resistance from 30 meters (100 feet) to 200 meters (660 feet).
For hundreds of years, precision timekeeping was strictly mechanical. Then Bulova transformed the course of time forever with the world's first fully electronic watch . . . Accutron. A vital component of the U.S. space program from the 1958 launch of Vanguard I through the first moonwalk in 1969, Accutron revolutionized the watchmaking industry by bringing its state-of-the-art timing mechanism directly to consumers. Today, building on this extraordinary legacy, Accutron remains at the forefront of watchmaking technology, combining the most advanced Swiss quartz movements with the finest of contemporary styling.
Bulova's award-winning collection of classic and contemporary clocks is produced with strict adherence to Bulova's quality standards. Each clock features:
A one-year warranty.
A state-of-the-art precision movement. The quartz, battery-operated chime and standard movements are guaranteed to be accurate to within three minutes a year. Bulova keywind mechanical movements are produced in Europe to the exacting standards of master clock makers.
The finest quality materials including carefully selected woods, solid brass, lead crystal, imported marble, porcelain and leather.
Attention to design and engineering details. Bulova Clocks are distinguished by their precision movements, painstakingly assembled wood cases, engraved dials, flawless finishes and unique designs.
Bulova clocks span a range of styles and forms with unmatched artistry and technological excellence.
Licensed Products
Combining Bulova's reputation for technological excellence with the proven charm of cherished trademarked designs gives the Licensed Products Collection truly unique market appeal. Instantly recognizable, the Frank Lloyd Wright®, and Harley-Davidson® make particularly memorable gifts, while attracting both budding connoisseurs and established collectors.
Frank Lloyd Wright
Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) is recognized as one of the greatest architects of the twentieth century. Using innovations in design and engineering made possible by newly developed technology and materials, his work heralded a new thinking in architecture, stressing "organic" structures in harmony with their natural surroundings.
Bulova's award-winning Frank Lloyd Wright® Collection honors this American genius with an exceptional group of clocks including tabletop and wall models, as well as a number of uniquely stylish watches. Each style is part of the Frank Lloyd Wright Decorative Designs Collection®, certified by The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Taliesin West, Scottsdale, Arizona.
These products are part of the Frank Lloyd Wright Decorative Designs Collection®. A portion of the sales of these products supports the design and education programs of The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Taliesin West, Scottsdale, Arizona. ©1999 - 2003 The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, All Rights Reserved.

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I've seen Omega, Wittnauer, Rolex, Swiss Army, and Breitling all sold in shopping malls.
So what's wrong with shopping mall watches? :think:
Absolutely nothing.

I use the term "mall watch" because some snotty folks refer to most affordable watches as being cheap because they are quartz and sold at mall dept stores.

and you are right. I have seen my fair share of Tags, Hamiltons, Swiss Army, etc sold at Macy's

My aim here was to get a "feel" for as to how people really perceive the Bulova brand to be. That's all.
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