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Is it real? NEW James Bond 007 OMEGA on ebay

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I found an item on ebay that I really like but in the same time I am hesitated to buy an expensive watch from ebay.
It looks real or it is a really good replica.
I can't decide it myself so I would like to ask some expert opinion from the forum members.
Omega Seamaster James Bond Limited Series Mens Watch
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Good to go. Has everything.
Good to go. Has everything.
+1. Very nice!

Thank you for all of the answers.
I contacted the seller about a picture on the lug but the seller declined my request.
"With regard to a photo of the lug serial number.... to get a clear macro photo of the serial number I would have to remove the factory protective coverings."
However she sent me the original receipt that looked very simple and too plain to me.
I didn't bid on the item.
The watch has been sold for $3801.
So I am atill looking for a nice James Bond omega watch but I lost my faith in ebay.
This looked to be a good watch and Paypal would have protected you, which would have made the purchase here even safer than buying from the Sales Corner (unless you know the seller).

Ebay is not for everyone, and we all need to buy within our comfort level, so I certainly respect your thoughts.

I'd say the seller thought she was being fair about the request, especially if she had other bidders. I can see from her perspective how removing something that she felt may add value could possibly hurt the final sale.
It was a nice watch, and I can see the point that the seller wouldn't remove the covering because that may have hurt the final pricing.
Ahh well, there's always next time!

Thanks for the comment.
I am 99% sure that watch was authentic omega but I have never spend that much money on Ebay and I think "I got a cold feat".
I thought that Ebay is protecting the buyer only up to $500.
I hope that I can find a similar watch before Christmas.
In the same time I am spending more and more time to learn about omega watches and their movement.
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