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So, while I was poking around online looking for pictures of the gorgeous blue-dial SARB0045, I discovered Seiko's older SCVS line. Although the casework on those doesn't seem to be as nice, I prefer the dial on models like the SCVS001, with the less chunky markers and pointy-stabby hands. Is there a blue-dial version of this watch? If there is, does anyone know the model number? When search terms like "Seiko SCVS blue" got me nowhere, I started doing sequential searches for the model number, but then realized that someone here can probably answer this easily.

If it exists, any tips on where to find one, aside from the usual used-watch sites?

*edit* And of course, if anyone has an opinion about the relative merits of SARBs versus SCVSs, I'm all ears. Seikos in general are largely new to me.

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As far as I know, and I believe I've looked through the whole line at one point, there is no blue dialed SCVS model.
There are a couple of SARB's that fit the bill, though. One that I particularly like is the SARB065 Cocktail time. The dial has a brilliant sunburst effect:

SARB065 cocktail time.jpg (random google guy)

Regarding the SCVS Spirit line, I owned a SCVS009, cream sunburst dial. Your best bet to find one of these watches is eBay or the sales forum. Although initially priced at round 250 or so, prices for more common SCVS models have inflated to around 450 the last time I checked, with the rare models selling for as high as 600. The SARB's are much better in terms of cost efficiency and case finishing.

I actually came to WUS seeking the SCVS013, the super rare Blue Spark:

Seiko_BlueSpark_odd.jpg (random google guy)
(The hands generally appear black, but change into a subtle blue depending on how they catch the light)

The funny thing is that spending time at WUS has changed my outlook on watches. I no longer crave another dress watch. I even spotted two Blue Sparks on auction simultaneously at eBay a few months later, after having
given up on the search.

It's a good thing I didn't bid, though. One of the Blue Sparks sold for 610 USD. The seller supposedly kept his watch sealed in a safe so it was in absolute mint condition.

SeikoSPiritscvs009.jpg (my SCVS009)

Here's the Seiko mechanical that triggered my obsession with watches.

The watch is not with me now. I had bought her used from eBay, and she was about five years old and gaining a little bit of time.
She also wasn't maintaining a consistent power reserve. I sent her away about a month and half ago for servicing.

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There has been the SARB009 some years ago...


Some more pics...

It has a case similar to that of the SCVS line, but it isn't produced anymore.
You could try to hunt for a mint one.


Slightly different caes but a beautiful blue dial...

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