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Is there a WUS directory or discussion of watchmakers / repair shops?

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Hi gang,
My trusted watchmaker recently told me he can't work on a certain watch that I need serviced, and while I do appreciate someone who knows their limitations, I still need to find an alternative. So in perusing WUS, we have our Sales Corner, and we have a place for strap makers to ply their trade, and we even have a feedback section for both buyers and sellers. But nowhere do I find a thread in which watchmakers can either post listings for their own services, nor a place where customers can post reviews and recommendations for their own trusted watchmakers. I myself would much rather find a new watchmaker based on community reviews and the experience of others here on WUS, rather than just trying someone new that I find on the web and nervously shipping them my beloved timepiece with fingers crossed. Does such a forum exist on WUS, and I just can't find it? Does anyone agree that a new forum of this type would be useful to the community? Thanks.
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