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Is there truly no love for Timex?

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Because I have a young family and money is tight, I've had to sell off my more expensive watches and have decided that to satisfy my watch addiction for the next few years I'm going to rely on Timex watches. I've already got a few but I'm going to continue to build my collection.
I've really found some sharp looking pieces out there and wondered if no one on here has much love for Timex?
Surely in this forum folks could share some of their Timex watches? I know there used to be a dedicated Timex forum but it got dissolved into this forum so are there still Timex collectors out there?
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OKAY!!! Now this is what I was wanting to see........ Great replies and pics! Thanks everyone. I'm already looking for my next one.
I love this! I've been away from the site for awhile and come back to find this thread has taken a life of it's own! I love all of these pics! Gonna have to check out the local Walmart and Target this week. Thanks everyone!
Wow. Never expected this thread to go so long and strong. :-!
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love for timex goes by........:-d:-d:-d
a new orange/black and a new ironman
That orange and black one!!!! Wow! :p What's the model # of that one??? :thanks
Timex Expedition Trail Series Mens Watch T49689 :-!:-!:-!
Thank you brother.:-!
I have one and it is really cool ! Like it a lot !

*sigh* alright.... what's the model number on that beauty? :p
I love that after more than two years this thread is still going. I guess there really is "love for Timex"!
you're right mate... check this out...


i see now that you live in the same place where the Slipknot was born too....

Snot rulez mate
I saw your post during my search. I really like that watch. Very nice.

Slipknot - yep, met a couple of them around town. Seen 'em in concert waaaay back before they hit it big. Great music, especially for lifting weights. Maggot, definitely. :-!
I like that watch, rocket! Nice!
Just checking back in after years of starting this thread and am happy to see that it's still going on as strong as ever.
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Thanks for the kind words Dan. My family has grown as well as my income and while I don't collect Omegas I've moved on to Casio G-Shocks (and knives and flashlights). However, Timex got me through a hard time in my life and it will always hold a special spot in my heart. I'm glad to see my fellow WIS are enjoying this thread though.
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Been away a long time and I see my thread is still alive and well after 9 years! Wow! Now that's some love for Timex
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Let’s see..... I started this thread 9 years ago and it’s still going strong. I love it!
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double post cause I been away so long I’m an idiot now
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