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Is there truly no love for Timex?

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Because I have a young family and money is tight, I've had to sell off my more expensive watches and have decided that to satisfy my watch addiction for the next few years I'm going to rely on Timex watches. I've already got a few but I'm going to continue to build my collection.
I've really found some sharp looking pieces out there and wondered if no one on here has much love for Timex?
Surely in this forum folks could share some of their Timex watches? I know there used to be a dedicated Timex forum but it got dissolved into this forum so are there still Timex collectors out there?
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I like Timex :D Similar to your situation, I'm a college student and money is tight, but the bug still bites. Timex offers a lot of interesting designs for not a lot of money. Every time I'm in an outlet mall I stop by a Time Factory and have a little look-see, even if I know I'm not going to buy anything. A lot of different styles available, too, thanks to their numerous sub-brands (Nautica, Marc Ecko, Guess, etc).

I'm a big fan of Marc Ecko clothing (and sub-brands like Avirex and Zoo York), so I have a couple of Timex-built Marc Ecko watches:

^^That's one of the first watches in my collection. It's a little gaudy for my tastes lately, but I still give it some love once in a while when I'm feeling like being flashy. It's on a Guess strap.

^^Turn the focus adjustment a little bit, and we have my Super Technical Chronograph, which gets a lot of wrist time. It's really well-built, with a very nice bracelet.

^^Got this one at a Time Factory off the $19.99 clearance table :D The perpetual calendar is a neat feature, and so is the full-dial Indiglo.

There's also a black face/PVD case alarm chronograph at Wal-Mart that's on sale for $45 that I kinda want to get, but I've already got something incoming, and my Luminox already fulfils the full-black color scheme. I don't, however, have an analog alarm watch yet.

I sold a Timex Expedition digital watch a while back, too. I didn't wear it very much, but it treated me well as a work beater for a long time. The battery lasted a good 7 years or so, and in fact it still powered the alarm well after the dial got too dim for me to be able to turn the alarm off :D

You really can't beat Timex (and Casio) if you're operating in the sub-$100 (and often sub-$50, as all the above pieces are) price range.
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All this discussion and Timex pictures is making me want to go down to my local Time Factory and browse around today... I'd better play some WoW to quell the urge to leave the house :D
LOL I got paid today, so I think I'm gonna hit the local Time Factory :D Timexes and Casios are a good way to scratch that itch without feeling too guilty about it after.
I keep seeing this one in the jewelry counter at Wal-Mart, and always end up forcing myself to walk away, thinking "I already have enough watches, and I'm kinda done with quartz anyway." But now I bought a new Platt case with room for 8 more watches, and I may find it harder to walk away next time.
Thanks for the idea for this strap! I tried several straps and bracelets, and none of them worked. So I got the same one you got and it looks great! As an added bonus, it was inexpensive. With the original bracelet, I felt the watch was unwearable. Now, it's getting wrist time. The simple lines work very well with this watch.
I hear ya. My PC sat for a long time strapless until I made one that looked good on it :D
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Nice, is that a dark brown strap? Bit hard to tell from the pic. :-!
It's more that top color. Just got a harsh shadow on the bottom :(
$28 Expedition from Wal-Mart (On a Fossil NATO):

$150 TX 800-series Linear Chronograph from a Time Factory outlet:

Very happy with both. The TX came on a nice bracelet, too.
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