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Is there truly no love for Timex?

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Because I have a young family and money is tight, I've had to sell off my more expensive watches and have decided that to satisfy my watch addiction for the next few years I'm going to rely on Timex watches. I've already got a few but I'm going to continue to build my collection.
I've really found some sharp looking pieces out there and wondered if no one on here has much love for Timex?
Surely in this forum folks could share some of their Timex watches? I know there used to be a dedicated Timex forum but it got dissolved into this forum so are there still Timex collectors out there?
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Ya gotta love this one. It's my favorite Timex.

I have this one too and I love it. It's surprisingly well built for it's price range.
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I have 20 or so Timex watches, my oldest is a 1950's that still has US Time on the back. Most are newer however. I don't think you can beat the value in under $50 watches. I was going to post my newest Timex's in a seperate thread but why not do it here? I got the compass watch for $39.00 in the Bargain Basemant at Cabela's, the other Expedition was a WalMart special for $44.00. Both are nice for the $$.

Nice looking watch! How does the compass feature work?

Oooh! Me want!

What's the difference between Electric and Electronic?
Nice collection!:-!
Thanks 66, I'll have to keep an eye out for the retrograde and compass watch.
That looks great! Not to mention the finish on the movement is more attractive than the entry level Seikos. What kind of price does this piece command?
I got mine on clearance for less than $40. Couldn't be happier. I compared prices at the time and couldn't find anything less than $150.
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Just in case anyone is interested, Shnoop has 5 Timex Acquas for $19.99 + S/H.

Anyone know anything about Acquas?
Made in China, and very well made, especially since Timex has good QC.
Accuracy, I think, is around -20s to +40s a day.

I have 76 watches, some fairly expensive, but my favorite is a Timex expedition chrono alarm

The case is ion coated, and very thick, so it is cool black b-) and very durable. $45 on sale at Wal Mart, but this thing has the fit and finish of a $600 dollar watch.

I have 7 Timex watches, and I'm looking for a certain model vintage 21j right now. I have had a lot of problems with the old unjewelled movements, but I think the 21j versions are indestructible, and they make some of the nicest quartz mov'ts around.

Is there no love for Timex?
I think there's a lot here;-)
That's nice! Gonna check out my local Walmart tomorrow! Do you have a model # so I can look it up on line?

Edit: Nevermind, the cheapest I can find is at Amazon for $57
Don't forget the 20% off! Is the $45 after the 20%? I can't find it on
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Timex has a new watch T2M561 hits stores..... It seems to be a knock off design.... still looks nice though.

Does anyone have this watch and can give a review/opinion?
I saw it at the store when I went looking for the chronograph today (which I didn't find, although I saw the white version for $70+?) and it's basically a sub homage without the cyclops, and with a 12 and 6. I could have sworn they made a "truer" sub homage. Why mess with a classic design?
I owe my left arm to a Timex. I was in a car accident when I was in high school and my arm was on the car window sill when it turned over on it's side. My Timex got between the car and the pavement and prevented my arm from getting caught in there.

I found my watch a few yards down the road- the case had broken where the straps were connected but the thing was still running!

I've always had a Timex in my collection since then(mostly iron man and expedition models) and always will.

If I have in "itch" that my wallet can't afford to scratch, i usually end up running to the Timex AD and looking for a homage instead. If I eventually get the watch I originally wanted, then the timex still makes a great gift.
You should send that in to their PR deparment. Would make for a cool TV commercial!
I just wanted to say:


I've gotten a few recently and they are a great bang for the buck. I especially like their easy set alarm series.
When I was at a Time factory, one of the sales people told me about an on-line coupon. It is $5 off $30, which is better than what you get in the coupon books there, ($5 off $40) and you can print as many as you need. If you go with other people, you can save a bunch of money.

EDIT: Sorry guys, this coupon is no good as it is expired. They may update it though.
2nd EDIT 4/20/8 The coupon has been renewed till 12/31/2009.
I got one of these for my daughter.

The left foot opens the Owl's eyes and reveals the time, white the right foot advances the time by 5 minutes. Or you can just turn the hands or the knob.
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lol, that's a cute story. The first watch I gave my daughter was also my first "mod". I put in a picture of the family at Disney, and although she could not tell time well at the time, she liked looking at the picture.
Here are my Timex(s)....
Thanks for the idea for this strap! I tried several straps and bracelets, and none of them worked. So I got the same one you got and it looks great! As an added bonus, it was inexpensive. With the original bracelet, I felt the watch was unwearable. Now, it's getting wrist time. The simple lines work very well with this watch.
Yeah, but...that's correct.
In the land of no watches, the man with one watch is king! (And is always on time!)
I finally got around to photographing my watches, so here are some of my Timexes.

White Retrograde on Bracelet (Originally on leather strap)

Shock Resist On Leather (Originally on nylon strap)

Chrono w/ Easy Set Alarm

Easy Set Alarm

^^^ These guys swapped their bracelet and strap. vvv

Perpetual Calendar

Chrono w/ Easy Set Alarm on Bracelet (Originally on leather strap)


Manual wind Snoopy with rotating plane and clouds.


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I hear ya. My PC sat for a long time strapless until I made one that looked good on it :D
Nice, is that a dark brown strap? Bit hard to tell from the pic. :-!
I just picked up this Timex Expedition Chronograph at Target for $17.99!! They had a big markdown. It was originally $69.99. I almost bought a plain Expedition for $9.99, but I didn't think I needed two of almost the same watch.

I think it's a pretty cool beater.
Oh man! You got a steal! I've been looking all over for that cream colored watch at a reasonable price, and the lowest I've seen them for was like $60. Congrats! You may want to consider ordering a bracelet from Timex for $12. :-!
Control your hate you must, young jedi. Learn in time, you will, to use this hate to buy many Timexes. Much hope for you I see.
Taro 1313, already learning I am.At wal mart ,I picked up a Timex expedition dive watch for 30 dollars .It has a blue face ss case it is 18mm between the lugs it is wr to 200 meters with indiglo.It is an older model and was discounted from approx 55 dollars.I did not like the ss bracelet and now it resides on a black silicone rubber voguestrap.
Very cool!

I heard that Voguestrap is being dropped (or has been dropped) by Timex and being replaced by Speidel.
I find that the vintage Timex pieces look better than the newer watches. For some reason, I associate their current pieces with a "younger" feel to them which makes me stray away from them. Although, I know they have a dress watch collection.
I agree with you except that I like the new ones too!

Here are a couple vintages I rescued.

A Marlin

And a 21.

I'm thinking about replacing the crystals.


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