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Is this a knockoff?

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Hey guys. This is my first post here, so please be gentle lol.
I'm a 15 year old guy that likes to dress classy, so I've been looking for a nice watch to wear along with some of my outfits. I stumbled upon a Russian brand named Pobeda, or "Victory." One model caught my eye. It is the 1MCHZ, a plain faced model. I really like how good of a condition it is in, but my parents insist on telling me it is a knockoff, because the price "wouldn't be so low for a watch that was made in the 1950s." Can you guys help me out here?
Pic related, it's the watch
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Welcome to the forum! It is very nice to see a young man taking interest in vintage mechanical watches! As Schnurrp rightfully said, while it's hard to judge the watch from one picture and shot of movement would help. However, this is a genuine Pobeda. Case, dial and hands look right.

One thing you should take in consideration is that this IS a vintage watch, which means it's not water resistant and requires a more care.
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