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I am fairly new to the world of vintage watches and ebay is truly a minefield. Right now I am trying to learn about what makes an authentic JLC Futurematic because that icon is a top contender for the next acquisition (probably a Dubey first :)). Anyways, saw this post on Ebay https://......./2A53ieK and the seller claims that everything is all original. However when I look at pictures, something doesn't look right:

In particular the "30s" seem to be different on the subdials and the "MA" looks crude.

I know as JLC were transitioning from movements to watches, some of the designs could be improved... or is this thing where the dial is "original" aka "not replaced but totally refinished"?

P.S If anyone is selling a futurematic - l am definitely in the WTB category
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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