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Hi all!

I have been a lurker on this forum for sometime now. About a month ago, I pulled the trigger on an Oris Leonhard Euler Limited Edition! I love the design and shape of the watch. Just couple of problems though.

Number one, when I wind the watch (clockwise), there is a continuous clicking sound and this is from the watch completely dead. I would wind it 30-40 times (with the clicking sound all the way through) but the watch doesn't start. When I shake it from left to right for 10 seconds, it starts...

Second, I was okay with the shaking, but like today, I wore it for around 4 hours. I came home and after a hour in the watch box, the watch stopped! I thought there is power reserve built in?:-s

Lastly, I bought the watch from an AD listed on the Oris website, but there were no paperwork? I asked and they gave me the manual and international warranty card from another Oris watch. I thought there would be specific paperwork for each watch. :think:

What is going on?!?!?! :-| I am really starting to doubt this might be genuine.

Thank you so much in advance for your advices!


p.s. I will post some pictures of it soon! Thank you again!

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humm sounds deadly, when wound from flat it should take about 12 full turns then it will start clicking as the clutch kicks in to protect from overwinding, sounds like your clutch is not working right and probably stoppint from winding at all.
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