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Is this Raketa ok?

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I recently saw this watch, it is nice but I have some doubts about its legitimacy.

My doubts arise from three considerations:

1) The first consideration is the weakest: the machine is a SU 2609.HA ( ok, ok, this may be due to the transition period, etc. etc.)
2) The second question is more important.You see that logo on the dial similar to the one of the Soviet Union? is legitimate? I do not believe so.
3) and what about the PAKETA written on the dial identical to that one on the box ? I always saw the red box with "PAKETA" written in that way (with a line joining the A and K as also the three letters ETA), but I've never seen the watches with the same written on the dial ( i mean with the same graphics, style, fashion)

What do you think?
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I've never seen this model, but that doesn't mean much - there are so many!

The "SU" on the movement - I think this is common, even on post-SU watches, either because of old movement stocks, or because they kept using the symbol.

The pentagonal quality mark on the dial: it's identical to the usual "quality mark", except for the absence of the letters "CCCP" inside the pentagon, above the two outspread "arms" of the star. I haven't seen this before, but perhaps they kept the symbol as an indicator of quality, whilst dropping the "CCCP" - I'm not sure.

The "Paketa" on the dial (and box) looks OK to me, but a really close-up photo would help.

The hands are definitely unusual - I've never seen these on a Raketa. But, again, this proves nothing - they did make a variety of hands, so this could be a "special edition".

The dial design - never seen it before, but again this proves nothing. At least it should be well-made if it's a real Raketa.

The case itself looks like a standard Raketa design.

So - there's nothing obviously "wrong" with it, but it is unusual. Perhaps someone else here can confirm one way or the other; otherwise, you could always email Luiza at Raketa.
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