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Warning & beware, the scammer is now using very authentic web page and email to trick you buying their high price items form CL or other similar website. They will ask you to use MONEYGRAM to send their agent the payment and email to them at [email protected] with the transaction numbers and then they will ship the item. They have even included a credit history of the seller. The seller will advertise some goodies and reply to your email saying he is presently on honeymoon but he can tell to handle the sales that you can't even find the item at ebay. He will inform you that will send you an invoice with payment instruction via Monetgram sent to an agent at almost the same address as one of their stores.
Check the web address because the legit website is < > not and the legit one will only take credit card and paypal but not the fake scammer. The best way is to contact the store and email your question to < > to verify.
So be warned and beware, they almost got me for a Rolex Explorer II for $ 1,800.00
Oh yes, they are so nice that they will include the shipping and the cost of Monetgram.
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