As we write, two chess grandmasters are battling for world domination. They are vying for the World Chess Championship title in London.

Magnus Carlsen from the home of Von Doren in Norway and Fabiano Caruana from the USA, are currently tied at 4 games all. Eight of the 12 games they have played in the world championship match are over.

Chess champion: Norway's Magnus Carlsen wins a Von Doren Grandmaster in 2017

Carlsen and Caruana, the two best players in the world, have matched wits, strategies and moves across a table in an auditorium in games that stretch for hours. Apart from their devotion to chess, they both have something in common. They both own a Von Doren Grandmaster Mark II.

Fabiano Caruana owns a one-of-a-kind Von Doren Grandmaster watch which he was given when he won the international tournament: 'Norway Chess 2018'.

Von Doren Grandmaster Mark II

The Grandmaster Mark II reflects the game of chess itself-born of patience and the application of knowledge and skill. It takes its name from the greatest title a chess player can hold.

Two models make up the Grandmaster Mark II collection, the Open Heart and the Regular Traditional Dial. Both pieces are minimal in design with clean, crisp aesthetics, true to Scandinavian style.

Firstly, the 43mm cases are constructed from top-quality polished stainless-steel and are protected with a double-domed sapphire crystal glass lens, owing to the overall refined appearance. The dial is neutral white-grey with a Clous de Paris "Nails of Paris" textured pattern around the rim, surrounding the raised hour index markers. The blue steel hands lend a subtle pop of color, without overpowering the elegant dial design.

Both timepieces are powered by the much-respected Swiss-made automatic 2824-2 automatic movement. The STP 1-11 is a self-winding movement featuring a total of 26 jewels. It is beautifully decorated and finished, as evident in the movement marking, delicate perlage, and jeweled barrel bridge.

Grandmaster Mark II Open Heart

With the Open Heart model, you can sneak a peek through its opening at 12 o'clock, or via the sapphire crystal case-back, present on both watches. The movement provides 44 hours power reserve.

The Grandmaster Mark II collection comes teamed with high-quality Italian leather straps, available in a range of colors: light brown, dark brown and orange. Also available, and made-to-order separately, is the Atelier Petrov Strap. which is hand-crafted completely from scratch in Norway with individually cut pieces sewn and finished by hand; no two are the same.

Grandmaster Mark II Standard

Both the Open Heart and the Regular Traditional Dial are limited edition, with only 200 pieces and 300 pieces produced respectively.

Despite being founded as recently as 2016, the Von Doren watch company has been a dream of the founder since he first inherited a Swiss watch from his great-grandfather as a boy.

As chess is Von Doren's chosen "sport", the brand has been a sponsor for many major chess tournaments including the Norway Chess 2017 and Norway Chess 2018 competitions, as well as the TATA STEEL CHESS 2018 known as the Wimbledon of Chess.

Top players and winners are rewarded with a Von Doren Grandmaster Mark II timepiece. As a result, both World Chess Championship competitors Fabiano Caruana (winner of Norway Chess 2018) and Magnus Carlsen (TATA STEEL top 3 players) have their own Grandmaster timepieces, which no doubt will be present on the competitors' wrists right now in London!

All Von Doren watches are designed in Norway and produced and assembled in Switzerland, appealing to those who admire the Scandinavian style and Nordic design and appreciate unique limited-edition timepieces.

You can own your very own Grand Master Mark II Open Heart for 1,690 Euros, or go for the Regular Traditional Dial which retails at just 1,540 Euros.

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